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If you go to seaboardholding, you will see a beautifully designed site. There are icons of accepted ecurrencies at the bottom

If you go to, you will see a beautifully designed site. They have a really original design. There are icons of accepted e-currencies at the bottom and they are AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, STP and even Bank Wire. There is also a hosting with DDoS protection from KoDDos. Everything is great. But I would never recommend you investing in this project.

Personally I don't have any claims. They haven't offended any of the investors, pay regularly and look great. And you should join this project if having these features is enough for you. They have a lot of links to forums, there's even a video from 1989coconuts. The interest is more than encouraging (less than 1% daily). So what's wrong?

And the answer is: the interest, which will allow the program to work for at least 200 days by paying you your same deposit; design, which despite its beauty is not functional. Another thing is approach to their development. They chose a beautiful design, created banners and bought services of cheap HYIP monitors. Of course, thanks to its elegant design they will have a certain group of fans in any case. But what about risks of investing in such project? Personally for me, they are unacceptable. The sum of the facts which I found on the website allow me to judge the project by saying one word: dummy.

Unfortunately, there are many of such projects. They look attractive and this is what their hopes are based on. The content of the site is as simple as GoldCoders and design is the same as on a unique site. As a result, this site is not better than most of the template and simple HYIPs. As you know, many of them really bring profit to their investors and we hope that this publication will not affect the development of Seaboardholding. But still, I would like our readers to be wiser and to understand what is what.

Luckily, some projects which start working like, eventually make a redesign adding new options and so on. But most of them get so many deposits after 100 days of operating that it is enough for them. Then the project is shut down. In such cases, I usually try to closely monitor how the administrator is moving forward. And Seaboardholding shows quite positive results. They added a "FORUM PRESS" page (which most likely means Rate Us), some buttons started functioning so in this case, there is a chance I might be wrong but be careful while investing in very beautiful/with a poor content HYIPs.

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