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FxTradingWorldWide (fxtradingworldwide.com) is a program which has been online for almost half a year and has had some problems during its lifetime....

FxTradingWorldWide (fxtradingworldwide.com) is a program which has been online for almost half a year and has had some problems during its lifetime. Problems started when the administration started delaying payouts. We published our warning as soon as we were informed about it: Todays Dangerous Programs

We received a couple of mails from admins of some hyip monitors after that publication saying that those program in news were all okay and we hurried to warn. Actually, we never warn when it is groundless and you can keep investing in those programs if you want but you should be more careful and attentive if you see such warnings.

Then another problem occurred. The website of the program started being unavailable. The administration of FxTradingWorldWide said they were informed that it was unavailable only from some regions, however we received mails from our readers from different parts of the world asking why they couldn't access the website. Of course, we published news about it and said that the site could come back but the program could no longer be considered safe: FxTradingWorldWide is Unavailable

And FxTradingWorldWide.com is really back. We have received a newsletter from the admin of this program today announcing that server movement to a new server company in the USA (Liquid Web) had been completed. This was done to resolve site access issue which occurred because of old IP address problem. That is why the website was unavailable. The admin has also announced that there is a new support ticket system on the site now and gave instructions on how to use it. So, in order to contact the support team, you should go to a support page, click on logo there, select your issue, type the details of your request and you can leave your ticket number and email address on that page in case if you need to follow up your issue.

And there is also information about withdrawals:

Your withdrawal request is on process as you will see our payment proof everyday, we consider payout depend on request amount and our daily reserve which will become faster day by day . The withdrawal daily limit will be increased week by week. Automatic withdrawal system will trial start this 15th October

The investment plans offered by the program are quite interesting. There are 5 of them and each has its own calculator where you can calculate your profit. The shortest one will help you make 7% profit in 7 days. It brings 1% daily for 7 days and principal is returned on expiry. It is realistic.

We hope that program will really work for a long time bringing profit to its investors and will prove that it is possible to come back and to operate without problems.

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