Updated: 10/07/2010 14:38
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ProsperityStructure ( is a new shortterm paying on expiry program which was launched only three days ago (you can read about...

ProsperityStructure ( is a new short-term paying on expiry program which was launched only three days ago (you can read about the specifics of working with such HYIPs here: Working With Shortterm Pay on Expiry HYIPs) As you can see it is a very young program and the administration has already sent out the first official newsletter. Ryan, the admin has informed that the program has drawn great attention and has already gained a lot of followers. There are 470 active investors at the moment of writing this news and this number keeps increasing. Of course, everyone realizes that the program is the short-term one and wants to be among those first lucky investors who can make a good profit.

The total deposited amount is more than $12,000 and more than $3,000 have been withdrawn. It is also announced in the newsletter that Live support is available on the site now which means that if you have any questions or problems you can talk directly to admin now using live support service. I wanted to check the efficiency of this support however it has been offline all day and therefore I haven't managed to check it out.

And the last information in the newsletter is regarding promotional banners of ProsperityStructure:

“...Also I received numerous requests from members willing to advertise their referral link and so. In this case we have developed special promotion banners, you can check for them here:”

As I have already told you, is a short-term paying on expiry program. There are three investment plans offered: 110% after 1 day, 125% after 2 days and 140% after 3 days. Standard payment processors are accepted and they are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

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