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If you are reading this article it means you are an online investor, a present one or a future one but you surely spend a lot of time in a virtual world

Hello, our dear readers! If you are reading this article it means you are an online investor, a present one or a future one but you surely spend a lot of time in a virtual world and you chose this world for making money. Of course, it is very convenient to make money in such way but the thing is that there are lots of risks around which you must be aware of if you care about the safety of your money. Many people have made the Internet a part of their life because you don't even need to leave your home if you want to buy something. You can even buy some goods on an auction which also takes part on the Internet. However, those online auctions are usually very risky because they are organized by swindlers with the only aim: to steal your money. Therefore today we have decided to tell you about such risky game as an online auction.

And here are some stories about online swindlers, the organizers of such auctions. 27 years-old man named Criss Chan Kim was accused by the DA of California in committing four grand thefts and conducting twenty-six imaginary auctions. He stole $453,000 from 26 customers! Another fraudster is Alexis Levine who was also accused in fraud committed via the Internet. She was selling music instruments, mobile phones and computers on her online auction however none of purchases were sent to customers who paid advanced payments.

Internet auction is the most popular way of cheating among frauds that have been committed in World Wild Web. Usually you can only find mythical listings of goods on such auctions, meaning there are no real goods behind the names and icons displayed on your monitor. But trustful participants of these auctions pay their money anyway because those items usually doesn't cost a lot. Fraudsters set an attractive price for a pig in a poke. And as it often happens, the feeling of getting a good purchase fights a voice of mind. Typical paying methods in most cases are personal bank checks or postal authorities checks.

With the help of the Internet auctions swindlers steal different amounts of money. It might be a few dollars or they might get thousands of dollars. This way of making money is characterized by well-trialled but still very effective scheme. The initial price is usually lower than it should be but it is not that much lower for a victim to become suspicious. Even if some questions arise, swindlers always have standard answers. For example, that they got it as a present from friends who are customs workers or something like that. The only thing left for a lucky customer after completing all procedures is to wait for a mythical subject of a sale.

We have some tips for you which you should keep in mind if you do not want to be among those lucky people:

  • It is very important to get as much information about a salesman as possible;
  • You need to find out how the auction site provides the security of its customers and what the guarantees of delivery of ordered goods are. Get information on the availability of insurance or other guarantees that you will not lose your money;
  • The price of a goods should not become the critical cause for purchasing. You should read all notations and references very attentively.
  • Find out about all payment methods in advance. Such methods as sending checks or transferring money to a mail address are definitely suspicious.
  • Do not provide a salesman with your personal data in any case.
  • A quality of a site does not inform about the reputation of a man or a company.
  • You have to be even more careful if a credit card is mentioned as a payment method.
  • Use you credit card only in those cases if you deal with a reputable site.

Well, we hope you will never lose your money in such way and we wish you successful investing and purchasing!

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