Updated: 10/08/2010 17:01
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Daily-Funds (daily-funds.com) has started delaying payouts again. Although, payouts have been delayed for four days by the administration of this program, therefore it is better to say that they do not pay rather than delay payments. Half of HYIP monitors reacted quickly and show a NOT PAYING status for Daily-funds.

Recently, we have published news about this program: Payment Delays of Daily Funds and pending withdrawals were paid out the next day after the publication. Now it seems like that won't happen again. Fortunately, they have worked long enough for many investors to earn.

SQ InvestClub (sqinvestclub.com) has also disappointed us today. Withdrawals have been pending for more than 24 hours. Considering the fact that this is a short-term paying on expiry HYIP, it is logical to assume that this is the end. Naturally, it is still possible to hope for their return but investing in this HYIP is no longer recommended.

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