Updated: 10/08/2010 19:13
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Hello, we are happy to welcome all of you on our pages! It is a nice sunny day today as well as some news are bright too. I propose to start with good news as usual and then we'll get to some bad news and will end by publishing a list of dangerous programs.

Two more short reviews have been published this week. The first one is about InvestPlatforms and you can read it here. The second one tells you all necessary and most important information about Vodapex.com and the review is here. We also try to publish different educational articles because we believe that it is very important for an online investor to know about all specifics of working and living in virtual world. This week our article is about risks of online auctions: Risky Online Auctions

And now we want to remind you about positive events which have taken place in HYIP world. BMFN.info has implemented daily interest accrual feature which makes the process of withdrawing much faster and more convenient. For more information read here. Inwolton.com has started releasing daily updates which look more like a dairy of some person, however they are useful, interesting and funny: Inwolton Daily Reports EthanolB informed about the intention to become a private investment club in the middle of September however the admin of the project has recently changed his mind. Read the details of this story here. InvestsMarket.com has introduced many additions so now the project is improved and there are many useful features on the website: InvestsMarket Additions The admin of EarnPlaza.com can be definitely called one of the most active HYIP admins. He sends out his newsletters every day and you can find out about the content of those newsletters here.

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This week we have introduced two programs on our pages and informed about some news from them. The first project is Gain-interest.com: Gain Interest Introduction and the second one is a new short-term HYIP which has been recently launched: ProsperityStructure Introduction

Now I want to remind about some programs the reputation and prospectives of which are doubtful. You will be able to find out why we think so by reading related news: PYInvestments.com sends different bonus offers every day which is quite suspicious. Read about it here. FxTradingWorldWide.com was offline for a while and now it is back. We are not saying it is very dangerous but we would wait some time to see how it's doing before investing: FxTradingWorldWide is Back/ UniteTrade.com is a very popular short-term program which has been online for a very long time, however we think that you should not invest in it anymore. If you are curios why, read here.

And now we publish a list of programs which have become dangerous this week: HYCapitalFunds.com: HYCapitalFunds Unsuccessful Attempt of Fraud Premiumgain.com: PremiumGain is Accused in Fraud

Keep your eyes open and good luck.
See you next week.
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