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If you enter a website of OilStructure (oilstructure.com), the first thing you will pay attention to is a huge pink inscription informing that the...

If you enter a website of OilStructure (oilstructure.com), the first thing you will pay attention to is a huge pink inscription informing that the administration of the program never makes any special private offers by email, never asks to enable API at investors' LR accounts, never offers any special investment plans, etc. You might wonder why they would do that but as experience confirms it is for a reason.

OilStructure has become one of the most popular long-term HYIPs and of course it has very many investors. As you have probably figured out, HYIP world is very risky and risks are everywhere, meaning not only programs' admins themselves can steal your money but there are also many other enterprising people around who use every opportunity to steal money. They sent out phishing emails with some special offers on behalf of one or the other popular program or payment processor. We have written a lot about such mails and you can read one of such publications about LibertyReserve here: Phishing Activity Day

Such mail was sent out yesterday by some swindlers pretending to be the administration of OilStructure.com. They informed about great results of the program and offered a new plan for all members of the project:

Our new plan very simple,only one periods of the Investment plan: 8% daily for 15 days You make 120% profit in 15 days! compounding is not available. The minimal deposit is $50 and the maximal deposit is $10000 per member.

And you are also informed about the ways of making deposits and concrete LR and PM accounts where you should send your money. This phishing mail ends with a memo that the information in it is confidential and you must not post its content anywhere. Well, we are sorry, but we had to :)

Dear readers, please remember that you should never believe such emails, especially when you see accounts where they offer you to send money. All official information can be usually found on official websites of programs therefore always check it there if you really want to invest in offered plan.

P.S. All news about OilStructure.com can be found here: http://www.hyipnews.com/hyip-monitor/959/OilStructure/

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