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YoKapital is a program which was launched 28 days ago. Even though some monitors are still showing a Paying status, it is not true

YoKapital (yokapital.com) is a program which was launched 28 days ago. Even though some monitors are still showing a Paying status, it is not true because the administration of the program does not pay and the website is unavailable. And now everyone has a question: what has happened? Is program gone or it will come back? We have two points of view regarding this case and we want to share our thoughts with you.

The first one. The program appeared online 28 days ago and started operating very actively, newsletters were constantly sent out asking everyone to promote the program and to invest as well as informing on the news about programs development. The overall impression of YoKapital was good and many investors considered it to be one of the stable medium-term HYIPs.

On October 9 we received a payout notification from the administration informing the following:

This is Sabrina Agathine from YoKa Ltd. As we had mentioned last week, we are taking our regular weekend break every Saturday. So, today's payouts will be delayed by a few hours at 1800 GMT. We thank you for your patience and co operation.

Im sure all of you will agree that it is very strange to take some unplanned breaks in case with HYIPs therefore it seemed very suspicious but the payouts were actually made. The next day, on Sunday there was another announcement on the official website:

As our support staffs are on break for the weekend, todays payout will be made between 22.00 and 23.00 GMT (10.10.2010).

We didnt like it at all as well as all programs investors but decided to wait and see what happens. The next day there was no payment and later that day YoKapital.com disappeared. The website is impossible to access now and they might never come back. I am going to explain why. There was only one plan offered by the program and its terms were as follows: you receive 1.8% daily for 30 days and 2% daily after 30 days for a lifetime until you decide to withdraw your principal. As you have probably understood, one of the theories why the website is gone is that the admin of YoKapital has decided to gather all investors money and to disappear right before it would become possible for investors to withdraw their principal.

And now lets see what happened with investors. The program stopped paying 3 days ago meaning it had paid for 25 days. Lets say you made a deposit of $100 on the first day which means you received 1.8% for 25 days meaning you received $45 before the program was gone. As you can see, you havent even broken even, you simply lost a half of your money. If the program had worked for another 5 days, you would have been able to withdraw your principals without any fee and get $54 of pure profit after that period. Holy time for hit and runners.

Now let's consider an alternative point of view. Firstly, not all investors have invested in the first day therefore 30 days after the start of the program is not a critical time. Of course, if admin is an idiot or serious money was invested on the first day, then he could really wait for convenient time to disappear before 30 days pass. This hypothesis is supported by those excuses which the administration used over the past three days in order to avoid paying investors money. However, almost 30 days of operating and 30 days after which investors can withdraw their principals seem to be just a coincidence.

Secondly, yesterday the site was not completely unavailable. Periodically, you could open it and even see a few pages. These are obvious symptoms of overloaded server, meaning DDoS. Did YoKapital.com have a DDoS protection? As far as we know, the answer is NO, it didnt. We have already got used to the idea that such method of competition as DDoS is gone. Last summer, in fact, no one attacked using DDoS, as there was no need for it. If the second theory is correct, then we can celebrate the coming of DDoS along with going away of YoKapital.com. Hypothesis about DDoS is also supported by the fact that YoKapital has recently made some marketing steps and that contradicts the theory about the planned escape.

Time will tell what really happened. If DDoS lasts for several days and YoKapital does not have any additional sources of finance, then they are unlikely to return. If it is a full closure, then everything is clear.

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