Updated: 10/12/2010 20:04
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Lately, we have started receiving a lot of emails and the number of information sources is growing each day. Due to this, we have noticed

Lately, we have started receiving a lot of emails and the number of information sources is growing each day. Due to this, we have noticed that there are a lot of ungrounded scam alerts and warnings. Unfortunately, many of them go unnoticed and a liar continues lying to trustful investors as a result. On the other hand, many of these warnings are black PR, mistakes or misunderstandings. Here are a few examples.

TradersPower ( was suddenly accused of problems with payments. We got that warning and sent it to the administrator. The administrator did not respond and we published a warning. Paul, the author of MNO blog and monitor service informed us about the unreasonableness of the charges. Despite the fact that there were some other evidences on some hyip forums, they really could not be considered valid. Lack of communication and silent development has played a cruel joke on TradersPower. They have not done any official denials, there were no replies on the forums but they keep developing and paying and there arent any additional negative signals. The program is justified.

ForexCompanyOnline was accused for only one reason they decided to abandon the monitoring at MNO. We issued a warning about ForexCompanyOnline (Todays Dangerous Programs) but no additional negative signals were detected. The program works without any problems and keeps developing. Obviously, we are talking about personal conflict. Just like some of the warnings from, this warning was subjective and ForexCompanyOnline can be considered justified as a result.

Red Orchid Invest ( is one of the oldest and most successful programs operating in HYIP industry. It has been online for almost a year. One of our readers has recently complained about having a problem with this program. Everything looked really disturbing: the support service which ignores investors and a large deposit which was made by that investor. We started investigating this case and a couple of hours later we managed to figure out that the problem occurred because our reader turned on a compounding option.

Of course, the situation requires further analysis and there is no reliable information that this signal can be ignored but the event itself is very revealing. If our reader had not contacted us but had exercised his right to proclaim warning and posted those alerts on several forums, there would have been a wave of warnings because of this misunderstanding. And we believe that in this case it is better to be too attentive than to ignore some details. At long last, one disproved negative signal is unlikely to have at least some impact on the qualitative and serious project. And the existence of different opinions and mistaken judgments (as well as misinformation) is natural. You just need to get used to the fact that there shouldnt be separation of the information on the type of SCAM / NOT SCAM in HYIP world anymore. Many investors and managers have already realized this and learn how to work with information, improving their communications and enhancing their reputation. welcomes these positive changes.

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