Updated: 10/12/2010 11:55
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If you are an investor of Inwolton (, you probably started receiving daily reports from the administration of the program on September 28...

If you are an investor of Inwolton (, you probably started receiving daily reports from the administration of the program on September 28. When we received it we were very surprised because of the way it was written- it was funny, interesting and definitely not of a usual type for HYIP industry. The next day we received another one, then another one and then we published our news about those reports: Inwolton Daily ReportsConsidering a complicated development of Inwolton (absolute non-public, a full redesign and change of concept), those newsletters seemed at least unexpected. Daily reports kept coming but of course we didn’t write news about each of them as some bloggers have (anyone could go to official website and read them every day).

Those reports were posted daily from September 28 until October 6, even on the weekend. On October 7 instead of usual report we saw a “Technical issues” announcement:

“Hey friends. In view of data transfer to the other hosting we have some technical problems. Some of you won’t see the interest in the nearest 9 hours. Tomorrow everything will be as usual. Sorry for this inconvenience. Wait for our daily news later today.”

Any reports on technical problems are always a bit suspicious and there was no newsletter that day but it was posted the next day on October 8 and that was it. The administrator of Inwolton, the one who was so sincere in sharing his thoughts with everyone who seemed to be so caring about his investors began being silent. And yesterday we received a warning from one of our readers: “withdrawal pending 25 hours in admin does not answer to mails. I think he closes.” Some bloggers and monitors have also received such reports.

Well, it seems like the program is really about to close which is fairly sad considering the fact that admin did everything possible to make people believe in him and his thoughts and now he simply hid and doesn’t pay. He doesn’t even try to explain on his website what is going on and doesn’t respond to emails. Many HYIP monitors have already changed program’s status to “not paying” or “problem”. We will keep a track of events and will let you know if there are any updates from Inwolton but for now do not invest any more money in this program.

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