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Hello everyone, Im glad you could join me. In this weeks walk Im going to be taking a look at a program that has been running for over a year now, and shows no sign of slowing down...well, I have to be honest; it couldnt really be moving much slower than it already is. Income NonStop has been on the HYIP-LIST for 451 days, and hasnt missed a payment since they started being listed.

Income NonStop: News, Participation and Appearance (NPA)

Ok, here we go. Income NonStop doesnt have much of an advertising campaign. They are listed on monitor sites and have a review and video package from Other than their monitor listings and the advertising from, Income NonStop hasnt really done much to get word of their program out to the public. They have forum threads in the three major forums (MMG, TG, DTM), but participation is pretty slim. As you can see in the below forum popularity charts, there really isnt any growth and the threads receive 2-6 replies per day, payment proofs from the same few monitors. The news page of Income NonStop is sparse; it looks to me like they put up a news update every month, that isnt exactly breaking news. Income NonStops Twitter Page also is updated about as often as their news page, but at different times, with different information, so it's a worthwhile source of information. Unfortunately the updates just aren't frequent enough to be really useful for investors.

2.) Program Traffic
Looking at the above forum statistics, there isnt much to say, traffic in the forums has stayed fairly static with around 50 views per thread each day. It seems that the same monitors are posting payment proofs, and there aren't any significant changes in activity. Let's take a look at Income NonStop's Alexa graph to see if there are any trends apparent:


Again we see a fairly static chart. Traffic isn't showing any significant growth, but we really aren't seeing any concerning declines either. Everything just seems to be moving along with a static zero-growth trend. I have to remind everyone that traffic analysis is an imperfect science, we cant really be sure how many investors the site has or how many new visitors theyre receiving. So only use this information as a guide.
Traffic RANK: 2/5

3.) Risk Factor
There are two schools of thought about investing strategies for HYIP programs. In the first, the strategy is to get into a HYIP early and get out early. If youre one of the first investors and the program is a ponzi youre more likely to get paid and make profit. Unfortunately people in this school of thought get burned by fast-scams where the program closes in the first few cycles and no one profits. The second strategy is that you should wait until a program is established and place an investment only with reliable paying programs.

Well, both strategies contradict each other and both sides work with some HYIPs and fail on others. One of the reasons why HYIP investing is so extremely risky is because you cant follow the same strategy with every HYIP and come out ahead. You have to change your strategy based on the program.

So, should you invest with Income NonStop? I dont know. Its not my job to tell you that, you need to come up with that decision on your own. I dont know if theyre going to make you profit either. What I can tell you is there arent any red flags that are popping up. The program has just kept going along.
Risk Factor: 3/5

Income NonStop's total walk score is 7/15.

So, how do you summarize a program that has reliably paid for 400+ days, gives off nearly no news, seems to gain no traffic, and has unknown risk? The same way you summarize any other HYIP program. Income NonStop is one of those programs that sets up shop and then you dont hear anything about them. All of a sudden its a couple years down the road and people start noticing the program because its been trotting along paying investors for so long. Its the sort of program where if you threw $100 into it when it started youd be sitting at around 500% profit and counting. However, this doesnt mean that there still isnt potential to still earn with Income NonStop. With plans of 30 and 60 days there are decent odds that you can realize profit, and who knows, the program may end up going for another 400 days.

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