Updated: 10/13/2010 16:20
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Today I want to talk about such program as Budgetiva (budgetiva.com). You have probably heard about it and have probably made a deposit in it because...

Today I want to talk about such program as Budgetiva (budgetiva.com). You have probably heard about it and have probably made a deposit in it because it has been online for 12 days already. The administration of this HYIP periodically posts newsletters on the official website with information on unbelievably fast development of their project. They inform about the phenomenal growth of number of investors as well as of visitors to their website. It is also reported that Alexa Rank grows rapidly every day.

Well, this all looks great; however it seems unreal and lets try to figure out why. Budgetiva is something between a short-term and a medium-term program paying on expiry. There is only one plan offered: 144% after 12 days. Im sure all of you have already figured out that the program is only about to pay out its first investors (if there were those who joined Budgetiva on its first day online). The program was launched on October 1 and do you really think it is possible to gain such popularity among investors not having paid out even one of them? It is very strange.

If it offered high profits after a couple of days and had already completed a couple of cycles bringing lots of profit to investors, I would understand why people love it so much and keep joining program every minute (as the administration of Budgetiva proclaims): ¦Yesterday was a new record with the number of sign ups, over 370 new investors joined to Budgetiva yesterday in a period of 24 hours. Do the math, it's an average of a new sign up every 4 minutes!...

They have also announced a referral contest with a very generous prize fund: $800, $500 and $200 to the first, second and third place respectively. This contest ends on Friday, October 15 therefore I suppose we will find out the results then. As I have already mentioned, investors should start receiving their profits soon (actually it should happen today for the first investors) therefore I want to ask you to SEND PAYMENT PROOFS if you get paid by Budgetiva. It will really help everyone.

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