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The first mention of a project called Uinvest ( dates back to the beginning of September. We got interested in it because it offers to invest in specific material values of the specific country. Such positioning is totally new in the market of high-yield investments and therefore has caused significant skepticism, while at the same time it has caused a great interest.  Now we are publishing a refutation.

More precisely, it is not a refutation, but rather an addition. Our previous news was based on only that information which we received from public sources and the official website Unfortunately, we failed the first attempt to contact Alex Darrell, one of the owners and the PR representative of this company. Therefore, we wrote our independent opinion without even knowing how serious administration's plans are and how serious their intentions to dissociate from HYIP are.

We were able to understand this immediately after our mail was received by the right person. Alex Darrell has answered all our questions and he also commented on each of the significant items of the Brief Introduction. You can read these comments at first hand here:  or below. Because it's time to take a closer look at Uinvest.

I remind you that Uinvest is an investment project, engaged in buying and managing real estate and business facilities. The thing is that, by investing in different facilities of a developing country (Ukraine), it is possible to receive significant profits due to constant price fluctuations of these objects. Of course, there are many nuances and things are not so simple, but the basic idea is following: anyone can buy a share of a winery, a plant or some building instead of buying shares of a large corporation or an institution.

Each shareholder of a particular facility has an opportunity to obtain a document certifying ownership or more precisely, the ownership of shares of the facility for sale. Here is how Alex explains this scheme: "We sign a legal agreement with a business owner (s), under the terms we find investors for their assets. UInvest is an online marketplace where business owners meet investors, we just organize the process and protect each other. "

Then they choose the best, the most competitive business and place it on the site. The requirement is simple: 9-12% profit per month. That's why most of the shares offered for sale have approximately the same yield. That made me very confused. Here's the answer: "For example, recently there was a business named Ski Resort Complex, its shares are traded at $ 650 and monthly profit was at $ 112 which is almost 20%! Indeed, such business are sold quickly. And now we have a business with cheap shares and lower rates about 7%. So, it really depends on an agreement we sign with business owners and time you spend monitoring businesses on our website, some just get sold too quick. "

They have been doing it successfully since 2007 (!) and nobody had heard anything about them until September 2010 because the administration had not tried to spread information about the project in HYIP industry. Of course, this information needs to be confirmed and we'll try to check it but the fact seems to be real. Even now, when everyone found out about this project, they are not going to use monitoring services and participate in this struggle. I am glad that has almost exclusive opportunity to cover the development of Uinvest. But let's look at the comment on the last important issue, which is redirect.

The thing is that there was a redirect on the website at some point of time which sometimes showed visitors a different site. I made a guess that this redirection was configured for those who could verify addresses and phone numbers but it turns out that: "It happens when our antiddos system detects unusual activity from a range of IP addresses. Then it just temporarily blocks IPs by mask. When the activity becomes not dangerous the IPs are allowed to access the website again."

In my opinion, it is very interesting. Lea Gao has already checked the actual company documents and documents certifying the right of Uinvest to issue shares. Looks like everything is ok. Of course, more questions can be asked but unfortunately there is usually nothing to ask in the field of HYIP investments. Therefore, I hope to take a chance and to find out something else and meanwhile, I feel like I did my duty and now you are fully informed about Uinvest.


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