Updated: 10/13/2010 13:59
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The administrator of EarnPlaza sent out another newsletter informing about the successful completion of 3 weeks journey

The administrator of EarnPlaza sent out another newsletter informing about the successful completion of 3 weeks journey. So we can see that even the first cycle for the highest paying plan has been completed already. But I think the actual success of this program will be seen only when it completes more than 30 days (or more than 45 days in case someone joins after the first cycle). Why do I say this? Suppose if I am an investor and I have invested in the 15 days plan (highest paying plan) on the first day itself. The first cycle is completed for this plan and I have now 160% return with me.

Now I got excited and re-invested my principle amount in the same plan. What am I left with? With only 60% of my investment. So if the program scams before the second cycle gets completed I will lose 40% of my investment here. But if it completes another cycle successfully, I will have 220% return or you can say 120% profit. After this if I re-invest the principle amount again, I will be actually investing my 100% profit with 20% profit still in my hand. I will not be afraid of losing at this point as I will remain in 20% profit even if the program scams.

So I hope everyone of you get my point here as to what I mean by actual success of the program . You can obviously work out the calculation similarly for other plans too. But for those who invested right at the beginning EarnPlaza is certainly a success in case they have not re-invested again.

In newsletter Matt, the administrator of EarnPlaza also thanks everyone for the support and in the end informs that all payments for the day were completed successfully. We are still waiting for the news regarding the auto-payout script that was promised by Matt in the third newsletter (12 days ago). Let's wait and see what another newsletter brings for us.

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