Updated: 10/13/2010 21:41
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The administration of gainInterest has sent out a newsletter informing about the delay in processing of withdrawals

The administration of gain-Interest has sent out a newsletter informing about the delay in processing of withdrawals. Gain-Interest recently became the victim of its hosting provider. The administration of Gain-Interest claims that the information was leaked out to a hacker in Germany. By using that information the hacker hacked their Gmail account and so Liberty Reserve account as well. The IP address which was used by the hacker was also mentioned in the newsletter (

The admin now need to fund the Liberty Reserve account again and so they need some time for everything to get completed. He also apologize and request everyone to be patient. All the pending payments were completed before this newsletter was issued which I can verify as well because I received my pending payments before I received this newsletter. Damage has been done but it is not a big one so i hope everything will be normal soon.

Gain-Interest has now been moved to Koddos who are a good name in the industry. But i think it is always better for any person to research properly before choosing the hosting service for their websites. Anyways now i think everyone of you understands the importance of a good hosting provider. You can always contact the admin directly using yahoo messenger . has been online for 19 days now and there is nothing bad reported anywhere. Admin is very much active in few forums as i saw him addressing to few questions put up by interested investors. We should not forget that Gain-Interest opened to the public with a minimum of $50 which was later on reduced to $10 only as per the requests of investors. It offers 5 investment plans: three of which are daily paying plans offering 0.50%,0.70% and 1.00% for a period of 150 business days. Fourth plan is a weekly paying plan offering 4.5%/week for a period of 30 weeks and the last plan that is the fifth plan is monthly paying plan offering 24%/month for a period of 6 months. The fifth plan is a special plan and investing in it will make you a shareholder of Gain-Interest. For more details regarding this plan you can contact their support.

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