Updated: 10/13/2010 12:27
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hands imageHello, our dear readers! As we have already informed you we have made a decision to team-up all best resources, best specialists and best high-yield opportunities under the same roof. HYIPNews.com has been online for a long time being a witness of many events happening in the world of high-yield investments and we realized a long time ago that information is the key to success for both HYIPs and investors. Information opens many doors and the more you know the better investor you are. The same is with programs: the more admins inform about their projects the more investors they will have.

Now we are at such stage of development, when we have many partner-sites and our network keeps growing. We invite bloggers to cooperate and we have already welcomed Tony, the author of HYIPBlogger.com here and today we are happy to welcome Gautam, the author of HYIPInvestigation.com You will see his first publication at HYIPNews.com today.

Gautam, like Tony, is a representative of those bloggers, whom we consider the elite of the investment blogosphere. They are elite not in terms of audience, advertising rates and the number of programs but elite because of investing their energy and labor in the development of HYIP industry. Gautam is a very experienced investor and has been paying much attention to high-yield investment forums lately. At the same time, he manages to keep a wonderful blog. Of course, we try to gather maximum possible information on the pages of HYIPNews.com but nothing can replace an independent opinion and personal view of things. Therefore, we believe that such blogs as HYIPBlogger.com and HYIP INVESTIGATION BLOG are required for a broad picture.

For example, we met Gautam when we found out that he was using a system of "risk ranking". The idea is to evaluate programs according to the degree of their riskiness. We also realized that using such rating scale is useful and were very pleased to find an author who thinks the same way. We were even more pleased when we found out that despite his workload, Gautam is interested in cooperation. Now he's with us. HYIPNews.com invites everyone who wishes to send their news, reviews or detailed investigation and to get paid for this

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