Updated: 10/14/2010 14:09
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Today we have received a newsletter from ProsperityStructure (, a program which we have introduced to you in this publication:...

Today we have received a newsletter from ProsperityStructure (, a program which we have introduced to you in this publication: ProsperityStructure Introduction

The newsletter informs about a very nice event, as it would seem at a first sight. A new plan is introduced for a limited time offering 200% after 2 days! Of course it is a great deal, comparing to standard program's plans which offer 106-110% after 1 day, 119-125% after 2 days and 132-140% after 3 days. The minimum investment amount in this new plan is $250 and basically you double your money after 2 days if you make a deposit. What a fantastic deal!

However, you can't see it on the website if you are not logged in. In order to see it, you should log in and go to a deposit area. The plan is located at the top of all plans. Unfortunately the period of this special offer is not specified in the newsletter it is only informed that it's limited. Another great news is that the referral commission has been increased from 1% to 10%! (however, there is no sign of it on the website and it still shows 1%) but it is only for one week therefore the administrator tells you to act now in his newsletter.

I have a different advice. Do not make any investments and do not refer people to this program if you care about them and their money. ProsperityStructure is a short-term program which offers profit after 1,2 and 3 days. It has already completed 3 cycles of its longest plan because the program has been online for 10 days already paying without problems. It is great if you have already made profit with it but you should not invest anymore because such special offers usually mean the end and risks are too high now. The minimum deposit is very high as well therefore if you are a gambler and are not afraid to lose your money (which is not a 100% guarantee of course) then act now (as the administrator of PropertyStructure encourages in his newsletter).

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