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The administration of FundsOMatic sent out a newsletter to welcome new members and also to remind the new as well as old investors about some basic points

The administration of Funds-O-Matic ( sent out a newsletter to welcome new members and also to remind the new as well as old investors about some basic points related to the program. The newsletter not only included basic points about the program but there are few points which I think are very important for every other program out there as well.

Randy, the administrator of Funds-O-Matic informs that the daily plan runs for a period of 200 days and that the weekly plan lasts for 26 weeks. It is also informed that currently Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Global digital pay are accepted at If you want to invest in this program but you have funds in any other processor except these than you can always use the service of money exchangers in order to fund any of these accounts.

A very important point that is pointed out in this newsletter is the changing of password on regular basis. Randy stresses on this point saying that it should not only be done for Funds-O-Matic but also for other programs, forums and payment processors. I think it is a very important point and everyone should exercise it regularly when dealing online.

Only one account per IP is allowed at Funds-O-Matic just like in most programs in the industry. In case anyone tries to open a few accounts using the same IP it will be detected by the very strong detection software used at Anyone found abusing the referral system will definitely lose all of his/her investment.

Randy informs that it takes around 24 hours for the cashouts to get completed. There is an automated system for Alertpay that checks each payment and processes them but for Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money Randy himself checks each account and makes payments. We all know that if there are many members in a program, cashouts tend to slow down. Same will be the case with Funds-O-Matic and as the program grows cashouts might get a bit delayed than usual so in this case no one should panic as it is not easy to manage large number of accounts specially when there is only the admin looking after everything.

A very important point mentioned in the newsletter is regarding the cashout amount. Everyone should be very careful in requesting the amount they want to cashout. This amount should be requested with up to 2 decimal places only. The cheat check software used at Funds-O-Matic removes every cashout request which consist of more than 2 decimal places. So in order to get your cashout request completed in time, you should be very careful while requesting it.

It was also reminded that Live Chat support is also available at I checked it myself and found out that it is a yahoo pingbox that is being used as a live support. But unfortunately I did not find the admin online so could not have a chat with him. Anyways the live chat opens up in a new window so in case you have enabled pop up blocker than you will need to disable it first before using the live chat service. Randy requests to use the live chat service for real issues only and not for making any kind of offers to him.

So these were the few things which everyone needs to look into. In all it was a very informative newsletter and as I already told you that few points can be considered for every program you have joined. It has been informed that there are new members joining Funds-O-Matic every day and that the program is moving in a positive direction.

As most of the things are covered in this newsletter, I would just like to remind you that Funds-O-Matic has been operating for 110 days as of now and paying successfully. The minimum to invest is only $5 for daily as well as weekly plans. Interest in daily plan ranges from 0.80% to 1.80% and interest in weekly plan ranges from 7% to 14% depending upon the amount of your investment.

UPDATE (17:30): We have complaint about Fund-O-Matic. Be careful.

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