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Profit is the most important word for a HYIP investor who always wants to gain as much profit as possible. But what if an investor could gain profit...

Profit is the most important word for a HYIP investor who always wants to gain as much profit as possible. But what if an investor could gain profit and continue being an independent person at the same time? Well, then it is called the way of life according to the philosophy of Panda Trade Trading Technologies, the new program with an aim to change an investor's way of life in order to make it easier. A 'Wealth Management' - that's how they call the revolutionary approach which helps people to earn some money just by entrusting management of spare funds to investment companies, which conduct financial operations on the stock, commodity and currency exchanges. In order to reach this aim offers to rely on a highly professional financial vision of the company experts by choosing between one or several of the 7 investment funds (plans) that will bring you a daily profit!

Panda Trade offers you an opportunity of daily withdrawals. The profit is paid out within 24 hours after you invested in the fund. Your profit depends on the index increase but with the guaranteed profit of 0.1%, even after a negative trading day. That is the term which every Panda Trade investor should accept: the interest rate is flexible but the profit is constantly paid. For example, last time when I entered the site, those indexes were 0,7%-1,9% in all plans. Each of investment funds is attached to a certain fund type and is named after it. For example, if you decide to invest in NASDAQ fund, then you have to choose the plan with the corresponding name, but you should pay attention to an investment period and to the minimum amount of investment.

The first three funds (Dow Jones Composite Fund, S&P500 Composite Fund and NASDAQ Composite Fund) have almost similar investment terms but with different stocks and asset managers involved. Each of the funds requires an investment of not less than $10 (by the way, the maximum amount is not limited in all of the offered funds), with the investment period of 44 business days and 0.2% depositary reward (it is a bonus for each of your deposits, which is automatically accrued (in each of 7 investments funds) and equals to 0.2% of your deposited amount). The profit in each of 7 funds is accrued from Monday to Friday, except for holidays specified in the Terms and Conditions statement.

The fund which goes separately and listed at #4 is called Omega Stock Capital. It requires just $1 to invest and automatically accrues a bonus - management company reward of 8% (it is the percentage of profits exceeding the index increase for the current trading day) and the above mentioned depositary reward which amounts to 0.2%. The key point is that it lasts for a period of 180 days, allowing deposit payback opportunity during the investment period. As the company states:Omega Stock Capital allows investors to receive bigger profits than that of composite funds, as the fund assets are bigger and managers can use a bigger leverage.

Gamma FX Capital combines a new strategy of a currency trading, offering you to invest for the period of 100 business days with $1 minimum. You won't get your principal back but it gives you 10% of management company reward and 0.2% depositary reward.

Vega S&F Capital requires not less than $1,000deposit, promising the same bonus rewards as the Omega Stock Capital Fund. It is designed for 120 business daysand the principal is not returned.

The last investment opportunity from Panda Trade is called Renaissance Capital. It is managed by the ex-manager of a famous corporation Morgan Stanley, offering you to deposit the minimum amount of $10,000 for a period of 180 business dayswith 5% reward from the management of the company and unchangeable 0,2% depositary reward.

Do you want to earn a referral commission and to become the partner of the company? This option is also enabled. The commission of the referral program depends on how much money has been invested by the clients referred by you. It varies between 5%-7% (for more information on the program please see the 'FAQ' section).

As for accepted e-currencies, Panda Trade offers to invest using services of Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money promising to extend the list of available payment processors in the nearest future. You can also make a deposit via bank transfer. The transfer procedure is usual and is not complicated for an experienced investor but if some questions occur, you may address them to the company's representatives by contacting support center which operates 24/7. Support team will help you via on-line chat, phone support and e-mail.

Personally I doubt you will have any questions because the site itself is highly informative with detailed descriptions of the most important items. There is even a separate section, where you can read a step-by-step intro course on how to start the investment process (or even watch videos). There is also a detailed description of each fund with the names of managers responsible for the funds, total active assets, etc. You may also have a look at numerous trading diagrammed results and certificates or to check the company's status. The website is DDoS protected with the increased resistance level against DDoS attacks, TLS with 256-bit AES Encryption of information flow data, code card with the assurance warranty of $500,000 and hosting, supported by well-known Dragonara Alliance Ltd.

The site is made using the unique script and soon a mobile version of Panda Trade will be implemented so that you can check your account right from your mobile phone. By providing investors with all these useful features, the company makes a very good general impression. It seems like Panda Trade HYIP project has been created to become one of the leading programs in the industry and a reputable long term project, the administration of which thinks about its reputation in advance.

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