Updated: 10/18/2010 14:36
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The administration of Vodapex (vodapex.com) has recently reported about a massive DDoS attack. There were some problems with accessing program's...

The administration of Vodapex (vodapex.com) has recently reported about a massive DDoS attack. There were some problems with accessing program's official website two days ago and the reason was a DDoS attack. The problem was immediately tackled by program's hosting company and brought under control. It is reported in the newsletter that Vodapex is here to stay for a long time and that security us one of the most important issues therefore the website is monitored by program's hosting company 24 hours a day in order to prevent similar problems in the future.

I suppose you remember that last summer HYIP world was quite calm and DDoS attacks stopped for a while. However, programs are much more active now, which is great but it also means that they have to struggle and to fight for investors more actively. Unfortunately, some of them use such dishonest tools as DDoS in this battle. For example, Famega (famega.com) has recently been under DDoS attack as well but successfully fought it and continues developing.

Another program that has strangely disappeared is YoKapital (yokapital.com). All bloggers on the Internet have reported that the admin of the program turned out to be too greedy he had simply gathered all money and disappeared, however we have a different point of view which you can read here: DDoS Comes Back or Treachery of YoKapital Quite possibly, it was also somehow caused by DDoS and unfair competition.

We want to remind you that DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service attack. It is also called DoS (denial-of-service attack). The essence of the attack lies in the fact that a huge number of requests is sent to the attacked server. This is done with the help of pre-infected computers of ordinary users. As a result of this attack, the site simply does not have time to show itself to visitors and "disappears". As we all know, such disappearance means death for weak HYIPs because their pyramids collapse when there is no flow of money. Apparently, the season of DDoS is open.

UPDATE (10:24): femega.com is probably NOT unders DDoS. It has just temporary technical problems.

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