Updated: 10/18/2010 16:05
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As in my previous special for I wrote that we will get to see more bonuses offered in future by programs

As in my previous special for I wrote that we will get to see more bonuses offered in future by programs. And just after sometime we received another newsletter, this time from the administration of Grapevinefunds ( informing about a bonus of 20% for first time investors. This bonus will be given to first time investors who invest $10 or more. After investing you will need to contact the administration and once they verify your details the bonus will be added. This special promotional offer is available for 48 hours only.

Admin of Grapevinefunds claims that this offer is made to encourage investors to see that this program is for real. But anyway, as an investor I think no one should jump into any program seeing the bonus or any other promotional offers. Please keep in mind that Grapevinefunds pays from 1.10% to 1.30% daily profit for 150 business days, from 6.20% to 6.40% weekly for 30 weeks and from 30.00% to 35.00% monthly for 8 months.

Let's see how much profitable this new offer is. If you invest in the daily plan with $100 you will get 20% bonus which makes your investment $120. You will receive 1.30% daily interest per business day. That means $1.56 daily for 150 business days. It will take you 65 days in this plan just to recover your principle (i.e. your own investment) and only after these many days you will start receiving profit.

Grapevinefunds has been operating for 32 days as of now and is paying successfully. But what made the admin feel the need to give bonus? Is it really due to competition or there is something else? These questions will be answered with time only but for now I can only suggest you to be a bit cautious.

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