Updated: 10/18/2010 14:38
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Four days ago we informed you that payment processor LibertyReserve would be unavailable on October 17 between 8:00 and 16:00(GMT): LibertyReserve...

Four days ago we informed you that payment processor LibertyReserve would be unavailable on October 17 between 8:00 and 16:00(GMT): LibertyReserve Will Be Unavailable LibertyReserve is a very popular payment processor therefore of course its maintenance caused some problems and inconveniences. Many investors do not read daily news of HYIP world therefore some admins have sent out newsletters informing about LR scheduled maintenance and changes caused by it.

The administrator of EarnPlaza ( has reported about impossibility to process LR payments and that all pending payments would be processed as soon as LR starts working. The promise was kept and all pending withdrawals have been successfully paid out. administration has also informed about successful completion of all payments and recommends logging in to your LibertyReserve account to see those modifications and changes which LR has made on their server. They inform that the speed has also improved and they have also noticed that their API payments were all processed instantly with a batch number issued as usual but money wasn't instantly deducted from the account (it happened after a few minutes). And here is their guess why it happened:

“ Maybe this is one of the major areas Liberty Reserve worked on, or it could simply be that there were too many payments being made at the same time so Liberty Reserve implemented a queue system. ”

Another announcement from informs that LR has made some changes on the official website:

“ It was previously possible to submit and receive payment data by form POST. But this option has been disabled/changed by Liberty Reserve. We detected this changes with Liberty Reserve and have now modified our investment page to conform to this new changes and it now uses form GET. ”

The administration of ForexCompanyOnline ( has also sent out a newsletter informing that: “ In communication c technical works in payment system automatic transfer of means became impossible. For acceleration of transfer of your means duplicate your transfers libertyreserve (Amount and User Name) on mail [email protected]”

Well, as we can see, LibertyReserve has changed and its maintenance has caused some problems but now everything seams to be fine. However, not for all programs because we have received a report that LibertyReserve is still offline. This newsletter came from the admin of GrapeVineFunds ( First report informed that payouts were pending due to the LR unavailability but they would be processed as soon as possible but today another update was received informing the following:

“Liberty Reserve is still offline and as a result we can't make any LR payments, this problem is with LR only and everyone else has been paid to date. Hope you all understand.”

This newsletter is quite strange because LR website is online and keeps operating (if that's what admin meant). All other admins have successfully paid out therefore we are waiting for new reports on why the administration of GrapeVineFunds is still not paying.

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