Updated: 10/19/2010 15:31
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The administration of FxTradingWorldWide sent out a newsletter informing about withdrawal feature and multi account policy

The administration of FxTradingWorldWide (fxtradingworldwide.com) sent out a newsletter informing about withdrawal feature and multi account policy. Admin informs that the withdrawal system will work fine on business days but the withdrawals could be delayed during weekends or holidays because their forex broker might not process the withdrawals. So the withdrawals will be limited during weekend but it might be improved in future.

It was also informed that the instant withdrawal feature which was started on 15th October has been working with good success. The instant withdrawal feature will work only on business days and pending payments less than $10 on weekends will be paid on Monday.

There is also an update regarding the multi account policy. From 1st November double accounts will not be allowed. There is no restriction on the username but you will need to have different full names in the profile area in case you access the site from the same IP. If you have multi accounts but you are using a single account only then the administration requests you to report your unused account at admin@fxtradingworldwide.com.

As per the administration this policy is created to ensure that the deposit and withdrawal limit is maintained. Currently if you visit the website you will get to see php errors on the homepage which I hope will be solved soon. I would like to remind you that Fxtradingworldwide faced some problems few days back and went offline. But now it is up again and the administration in the last newsletter said that we want to prove that a program can come back and operate without problems.

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