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Another newsletter was sent out by the administration of Earnplaza (earnplaza.com) informing about the one month anniversary and most importantly statistics of the program so far. Earnplaza is a 30 day old program today with more than 2,000 members and a total deposit of $124,000 as per the administration. Matt, the admin of Earnplaza is really passionate about his program and he feels that if investors keep supporting like they have been supporting till now, Earnplaza will soon become the leader of short term programs in the industry.

It has been also informed that the administration is working on an improved version of the website which will be completed within next few days. One more development which we get to see is the addition of Russian phone support. So great news for Russian investors as they now can contact support with ease. It has been also informed that Spanish and French investors will get the same benefit in the coming few days.

It is always good to see any program developing but we still wait for the auto-payout script which if you remember I wrote in my previous news post as well. Does the improved version of the website include this script? We will find out when another newsletter providing more information about the improved version of the script is published.

I would like to remind you that Earnplaza offers 110% after 5 days, 130% after 10 days and 160% after 15 days. The minimum amount to invest is $10 and the maximum amount of deposit is $3,000. Earnplaza accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay as deposit options. The program is developing as it is progressing day by day and so it appears to be a good short term opportunity.

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