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Let's start with the Golden Rule of Investing! PAY YOURSELF FIRST!
I am sure this is not the first time you read somewhere - pay yourself first. Most people have seen it, listen to it, but almost no one follow this rule.

Most people not even understand the meaning of paying yourself first. Let me illustrate it easier, and this is a real life advice. Ahead of paying bills, ahead of buying groceries, ahead of doing anything else, set aside a portion of your income. The first bill need to be paid each week, or even each day, is yourself. If you are able to develop this now you will create an enormous wealth.

If you are starting your own business, or start to build a better life, saving may seem impossible. You have your room or house to rent, car payments, groceries, electrical and Internet bills, etc.. You might wish to save, but end of each month, there is just never enough money left, to put anything by site. If something is left, it not even cover parts of the bills coming the following month.

When you start paying yourself first, and it not even has to be a enormous amount, you will begin developing the system, what all successful investors did. Paying yourself first will make you save money, without you struggling. This might seem hard, as you do not have much income anyway. Think about a tiny amount less, will improve over time to a larger amount, you can use for future things in your life.


In the HYIP world it is just like in the real world, if you are not taking this money off, you cannot build wealth. However, in the HYIP world it is easier, here is why. Let's say you have $100 Gaming money, and plan to invest this amount, if you invest the full amount you might get the following week more money, but if you develop a strategy, and HYPER COMPOUND, this will bring you much quicker wealthy. Let me explain this.

The $20 you just paid yourself, is a paycheck. You still have $80 left in the Game. The following week you pay yourself again 20% of the Gaming money, and reinvest and HYPER Compound your principal investment to grow larger. We will talk about Dividing later, as this is a Key to the HYIP world, but first I want you to know, you cannot become rich, or even successful until you develop the habit of paying yourself first.

It sounds not so important, until you start seeing and experiencing it for yourself. Every great investor will tell you this GOLDEN RULE of paying yourself first.

To round this up, visit your investments daily! Request your earnings! It cost you a minute of your time, but the money is working for you! Let money always work for you! One day you will get to the point where you do not need to work anymore, as your money, just keep working for you. It sounds crazy, but believe me - this is how it works! Request daily! Never reinvest from the account balance! I explain later why.

This is something I learned over time. It does not matter if we are talking about building your own business, about your job, or about HYIP Games. If you do not love and enjoy what you are doing, you will never be successful! If you do not love to beat these HYIP Games, and riding the Ponzi, GET OUT! Do not invest anymore, you will not be successful! If you have fun beating the Game and make money, you are on the right track.

If you go to the Game already fearing risk, and the things what can go wrong. You are also on the wrong track! There is an old saying, NO RISK NO FUN! There is a lot of truth in this. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Donald Trump would never be rich if they would not take the Risk. Take sometime risk, but try to divide your risk. So far you read a lot about Dividing. Therefore, I will have a section about dividing later, to explain it better. Take Risk, do not have fear, and love what you are doing. Divide and you will be a winner. This counts for real life and HYIP Games.

The harder you work, the luckier you get!

Well, this is something many people do not consider. I agree there are lucky born people, but as harder you work as luckier you will get! There is a lot of truth in this statement. How many rich people you know, who do not do anything to become rich. Sure there are a few, but as harder you work - as luckier you get. Look at Sport Stars, without training, without hard passion, they would not be lucky. Donald Trump was once almost bankrupted, actually he had more debt as most people can imagine. He did come back, not because he was lucky, because he worked harder, as ever before. He got lucky, by working harder.

I receive emails where people explain to me. They just do not have the time to work harder - or make their research. They can just look at my recommendations, and follow my list. Well, if I would be a greedy person - I would say yes, just follow my list, and you will be fine. That is Crap! Every investor in this industry should take their time, not to consider only one research place. Work harder, get luckier! Let me stop everyone in their illusion to get rich, by just consider one source. This not even has something to do with dividing! Maybe I miss a point, or in some other forum/blog they found in their due diligence something extremely relevant. Dear Readers, we are talking about your money! Do not just look at one source and that is it. You do not have time? Maybe you just do not have the right tools! Or the right desire to get wealthy!

Let me help you out. My day has 86400 seconds, and I bet your day has not much less! Do you own a cell phone? Well, great - Nokia, Android or iOS having RSS reader built in there divices, or available to download. This are apps what download the most valuable resources directly to your cell phone. Now you visit a comfort room? You get a coffee break? You sit in a bus, in a Taxi? There is time to look and read the RRS news. We are talking about your business. The HYIP industry is a game and gambling industry, but the moment you invest - this becomes YOUR real business. So get yourself a few minutes a day, and care about your business. I guaranty you will make more profits.

The same cell phone has a free Twitter application! Wow you still do not tweet? I was like you, but many sources and reliable blogs, as well as magazines, or even CNN tweet the most important news, the moment it happen. Best part it is free. I do not talk about getting tweets, or sending tweets about Paris Hilton smoke a joint. I am talking about tweets what matter, it is free and its available on any cell phone.

Never lose focus!
Now you are following a program, a blog, a few magazines, and the world news on RSS and twitter. Never lose focus on your investments.

Buy when its on sale! Invest before it is hot!

This is something works on the Stock Market, in real life and in HYIP programs. Let's just focus on HYIP Games. Many people wait until a program is paying for a few months, before the start investing into a program. These are actually the people who pay the smart investors. Wow, what did Lea just wrote? Well, joining when everyone thinks the program is hot, is when you pay the people who walk out with great earnings. GeniusFunds, GNi and others collapsed when they were on a high, and the low seasons kicked in. Well, they become too large. Many blogger say Alexa rank means nothing, but let me give you an example why it might matter. It shows a lot about how programs perform or when the fail. Recently, budgetiva was promoted on every single blog (well not on every!), and reached Alexa Rank of 5k within a few days. I am looking at the daily rate, not the monthly or three month rate. I read the next MegaLido, the shining star under the HYIP programs. I issued a warning and explained it is better to stay away. The program was already to HOT, before it even had the opportunity to develop. Best in almost all HYIP programs is early in, and withdraw your profits. Now this might be not the case in all programs, as you can still make money with programs what are performing for a long time. Although they are just not Hot yet. They are still on sale! Recent example is EthanolB. The program is online almost one year. I believe they not archived prime time yet. The ALEXA Rank can still improve. I also not see people screaming and posting that ethanol is the biggest program around. They still have a lot of room to develop and give us time to collect. They are on Sale! So is AMF Limited, and Uinvest.

Figure out what is on sale! What could get hot, and not join when some program has his prime already. Again, this is a formula what works most of the time, however it can fail from time to time, as DDoS attacks or the recent Liberty Reserve Maintenance, where afterwards the SCI not worked, will hurt many programs what might not be in their prime yet.

This is why you need to follow your RSS and News Blogs and Sites daily.

Bad and Good Markets

This is one of my favorites, in the real world I read daily the markets may crash, and investors are frightened to invest. The same thing happen in the HYIP world. But this is actually the best time in any market to make money. Let me explain. GeniusFunds and some other Giants crashed because of the low seasons, and nothing else. They were based on a Ponzi Scheme and every Ponzi crash one day! The Market after the crash was simply the low seasons, and there crashed many other programs. Now I see so many impressive programs coming online, and they have passionate administrators. They have time to develop and crash next year during the low seasons. Some might fail already during Christmas time and the Black seasons. However, the time to invest in HYIP programs is now, the season getting stronger each day. Programs looking good, and because of many peoples FEAR, the programs not become a smashing success over night. You do not want to invest in the HOT programs. You want to invest before they become hot! The time is now, and there are excellent programs around. No Risk No Fun. Divide and succeed!


I wrote in many parts of this article about dividing. Dividing is after paying yourself first, the key stone in any investment. If Warren Buffett would only hold on to the Coca Cola stocks, he would be bankrupted by now. However, he became a legend as the best investor of all time, why? Because he divided and he HYPER Compounded. He not became rich because he holds on to a stock. Divide, and divide your risk!

Invest in what can identify yourself with!
I always invest when I see a passionate administration, a reasonable investments plan and a decent advertisement strategy. I not invest in Hot Cakes, and I stay away from programs what are promoted everywhere. I do not care if the program is a game, printing to invest in Forex, Gold, Snowballs or weed. I invest when I see the passion, if and how a administrator communicates, and when I see a possibility making the cut out as a winner.

If we have a real investment located between the games - great. Even so, do not put all your eggs in this basket! You will lose, dividing is THE KEY! Dive, Divide and divide again.

Partner UP!
Wow what is this all about? Well, it is necessary not to play these games alone, find partners. I not recommend share with them the investments. I mean to connect communities, read, exchange your experiences, make everyone a winner around you, and become an even stronger investor yourself. I got bad names. People talk about my back, and some people hate me. Many people trust me, and like the way I run the business. I have news for all haters. The Flax Consulting Network is becoming stronger each day. Because you as a reader giving me ideas, and the ability to succeed. All I can do is giving this back to you. With articles, motivational comments, and with a powerful system what generates wealth.

Let's come to the Flax Consulting Network
When I originated this network on Ning, I planned to share what I learned over time, it became a success. I created the referral back system the way no one else ever did. I allow now even investments in LionsSociety. I did this because I was asked too. I never planned to run a HYIP, and I not see LionsSociety as an HYIP.

I love what I am doing, I love to give referral back. I love to ride the game, and each week paying my members is my highlight of the week. However, I not only trust in HYPER Compounding and in riding the ponzi. With the help of the shareholders, I was able to built some passive and effective income streams, and there is much more to archive.

HYPER Compounding, is great, and I maintain the way I was doing it, as I know it works. I divide and I always make sure we receive enough funds to have fun with LionsSociety.

On the other hand, I did use the money from the shareholders to buy some real estate, and we will now open real estate offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong. I want to start this income stream with a real estate company and office behind, as it will give the Flax Consulting Network not only a separate income stream, but also allows me to get the best Real Estate Properties submitted before they are on the open market. Flax Realty will have there hands on properties quicker and to the Rock button prices no one else can get there hands on. To have the own powerful Real Estate Presentation and Office will surely give us greater possibilities.

Real Estate is my passion, and I know this will be a smashing success. I know a few things about Real Estate, just as in the HYIP Market I look for sales! There are out there, it is not all about location, location, location. It is about coming location. I look at properties where I can see the neighborhood is going up. Easy to spot Schools, infrastructure and what cars are driven around, the neighborhood is going up, look at the cars, and at my favorite Coffee price. Coffee goes with rental prices. When the price goes up, the real estate goes up. I might write an further article about Real Estate, and where I think are the locations I focus on. Let me get the offices and the Web presentation ready. I love Real Estate, and I want to say thank you to my shareholders to give US the chance to enter an enormous market.

Control costs is something I see extremely important for any business. I always try to have the best, even so most affordable. Abdul was able to reduce hosting costs (FlaxHost), and the Flax Consulting Network even receive a separate revenue stream.

FlaxHost will launch an Affiliate program unseen in the HYIP world, as we believe many people looking for a separate income stream, and we will provide this to everyone who is willing to make some extra money.


I believe this will be a great success, and I see finally Abdul working on it. :)

So what I try to archive with this article today? I like to open the eyes of many investors, who might not know how to make money, and I am not talking only about the HYIP world. Consider these HYIP programs as Games - Games you can win! Make them your business, spend some time. Stocks fail. Banks fail, and yes HYIP programs fail, but we know they fail, and this is our great advantage. Divide, HYPER Compound, be serious, and do not let dead money lay around. Make money! But let your money make more money for you. Money can be your perfect employee, so start your own money business.

I want to encourage you to see, compare and help us to improve our due diligence, our community and our network. And yes, if you want to help the Flax Consulting Network to archive more, you are welcome to join Lions Society.

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