Updated: 10/20/2010 10:44
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Recently we have informed you about the pre-grand opening of RussianOilFund ( We published this news here: RussianOilFund PreGrand Opening

The administration of this program has chosen a very simple and proven marketing strategy for its promotion. They have reported that they would launch the program much earlier before they actually start working. Accordingly, their website appeared online and they began accepting payments long before they started paying out money. The logic of this marketing move is quite simple: people join a superfresh and supernew program, which has not even started operating. But is it worth it?

It is necessary to understand the intentions of the admin in order to answer this question and then it will be clearer whether a program will actually start operating or not. After all, if they gather a lot of money even before the launch, they may decide that it is more profitable for them to shut down immediately, even before they start operating. In general, it is necessary to be cautious as always.

For example, the official launch of RussianOilFund should be in less than 24 hours but the site is unavailable anywhere else in the world except Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Of course, that might be caused by some temporary technical problems but those who have already invested are probably extremely worried now. And for those who have not invested but was going to it is a great time to think their decision over.


UPDATE (12:24): The website is available again now and we hope it won't disappear anymore.


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