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The administration of Vodapex (vodapex.com) informed about the addition of an office address two weeks ago and promised to establish a telephone...

The administration of Vodapex (vodapex.com) informed about the addition of an office address two weeks ago and promised to establish a telephone support in order to provide help by phone. Of course, it is much quicker and convenient to solve some problems by phone and the administration has kept the promise and has recently informed about the addition of a telephone number which you can find on “support” page. You are asked to follow this instructions in order to make a process quicker:

“For speedy response to your questions, we suggest you have your account ID or email at hand as this will enable our support team to speedily get information relating to your account.”

There is also an option to send your question using SMS service: “Due to the limited number of support persons attending the phone, SMS (text messages) inquiries will be more ideal for quicker response.”

It is also promised to open two more offices in Canada and Australia soon.

Another nice news concerns a “news” page. It is much more convenient now to find out about all latest updates from Vodapex and you can find a link to this page at the bottom of any page of the website or you can follow this link: http://www.vodapex.com/news.asp?ref=521 All new updates are promised to be posted frequently there to keep you informed about the development of the program.

The administration of Vodapex.com has also informed about the addition of Investment Calculator. You can find it on the “home” page under the chart with investment plans (or just follow this link: http://www.vodapex.com/investmentcalculator.asp) This calculator is really professional looking and it is a real helper comparing to useless calculators offered by some programs. All you need to do is to type the amount of money you want to invest and choose an investment plan. Then you will see a detailed chart showing you how much profit you'll have every day which makes it much easier to understand how much money you will make.

We are happy that Vodapex.com improves and are waiting for new interesting updates. For, those who want to track the development of this program and to read a detailed review of Vodapex, we have gathered all news here: Search for hyips news from vodapex.com

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