Updated: 10/21/2010 20:20
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Today we have introduced you a new program called MoneyPallas (moneypallas.com): MoneyPallas Introduction and now we have another one to introduce. This program is DigitWallet (digitwallet.com) and it is short-term paying on expiry as well as MoneyPallas. It was launched two days ago on October 19 and David, the administrator has already sent out a first newsletter. He informs about the number of registered members and says that most of them have at least one active account. Many of them have even already received their referral commissions and profit from their investments.

Advertising campaign of DigitWallet has started therefore you can see programs banners on different forums, monitors and blogs. If you are interested in promoting the project and receiving some extra profit, you can participate in affiliate program. You dont have to be an active member to earn offered 5% referral commission. You can also find promotional banners on programs official website.

David also informs that he receives very many emails from investors asking him about the addition of AlertPay. Currently, there are two payment processors accepted by DigitWallet and they are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. However investors should not wait for AlertPay because David is not going to add it and thats why:

I have found that in most cases this processor causes problems to HYIPs so I better stay at the safe side. However, there are several exchangers offering the service to exchange your AlertPay into LibertyReserve / PerfectMoney. There are few ones with very good reputation and many successful orders, for example, xChanger.org

Well, if you really want to invest in this program and you only use AlertPay services, you can either follow Davids advice or use any other ecurrency exchanger of your choice. By the way the profit which you can gain at DigitWallet.com depends on how much money you invest: $5-$499,99: 105% after 1 day, 60% daily for 2 days or 45 daily for 3 days. $500-$4999,99: 110% after 1 day, 65% daily for 2 days or 50 daily for 3 days. $5000,00-unlimited: 115% after 1 day, 70% daily for 2 days or 55 daily for 3 days.

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