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If you remember, our last publication about FundsoMatic (fundsomatic.com) informed about some news from the administration of the program and you...

If you remember, our last publication about Funds-o-Matic (funds-o-matic.com) informed about some news from the administration of the program and you have probably noticed an update informing that we have a complaint about this program: FundsOMatic Reminds Updated Today we want to inform you about the latest update from the program and explain what kind of complaint we received from one of our readers.

There were pending withdrawals however they have all been paid out, according to admin and it takes less than 24 hours now to process payouts. To keep payments fast, he asks to request only one payment for all active deposits you have in order to speed up the process. There is no need to request for each of them and the same with referral commissions. This will save you money on processor fees especially with AlertPay.

Randy, the admin of Funds-o-Matic also reminds that his program is monitored by many HYIP monitors and is discussed on forums. He asks to post payment proofs and to vote on them to help others see that the program pays. It is mentioned that BoxBe spam filters are very time consuming because it is necessary to confirm that a sender is a person in order to send a reply. If you use BoxBe and contact Randy, make sure you add programs email address to the white list. It is also announced in the update that new banners are coming for more advertising options.

The second part of our news is not as nice as the first one. Despite the breadth and quality of functioning of Funds-O-Matic, its admin, Randy Mitchell, was unable to save face. The thing is that one of our readers, who invested a total of almost $10,000, lost all his money, invested via LibertyReserve. Most of it (60%) has been investing via Strict Pay and there were no difficulties with it. Funds-O-Matic worked out the plan and returned the money but after our reader, lets call him John Doe had invested another $4,000, he stopped getting income. After the first payment was received ($500), it unexpectedly turned out that "my account had been hacked and all of my account numbers had been changed" (Johns words). Randy has commented on this situation saying that the reason was Wi-Fi connection, which John was using.

I should say that our reader chose Funds-O-Matic.com on the recommendation of Austin from Extreme Surfs. Such recommendations are very common in our field but you must understand that this "consultation service" is a source of information that you use at your own risk. The person who gives you advice is not responsible for anything. He/she, like any other person may also not get lucky as it happened in this case. And it is logical that when John Doe asked for help, Austin eventually stopped responding.

The bad news is that Randy has stopped responding as well. He probably doesnt have time for corresponding with his clients due to the active development of Funds-O-Matic and what can he do? He said once that he cant help John and cant repay the money. This story is not complete because Funds-O-Matic.com is still developing and the money of our readers has been stolen somewhere nearby. Of course, we can understand Randy and we decided to gather evidence to ensure that this is not provocation. He probably has no possibility to deal with such investigations, especially if this money theft is really not his fault.

However our user did not lose any money other than in this program using the same Wi-Fi and his account was hacked at Funds-O-Matic. The word "hacking" means that survival capability was on Funds-O-Matic site. If thats what really happened and our reader is telling the truth, then Fund-O-Matic can no longer be considered a safe place for everyone to invest. We will continue investigating this case and hopefully we'll have an official comment on the situation. It is too early to make any conclusions but it is also impossible to ignore this problem.

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