Updated: 10/22/2010 10:10
Hyip Monitor

BMFN (, a program which we wrote about here: BMFN Daily Interest Accrual was offline for a while and now it is back. The administration of BMFN sent out a newsletter informing about the reason why their site was unavailable. It was informed that the website faced massive DDoS attacks which turned out to be too long. The administration feels very sad as no one could access their portal during that time.

It is informed that all this time efforts have been carried out on reconstruction of control and performance from BMFN experts and specialists who provide services to a dedicated server. The administration was able to get a positive result and so the website is back running again but the attackers were not identified and hence could not be brought to justice.

The administration hopes that everyone will support BMFN. Since the site was down and it caused problem to investors, it has been decided by the administration to give interest for that period. To get the interest you will need to order the payment or reinvest the money back.

It was informed that BMFN is returning to pay 5 days a week that is on business days. All this does not affect the VIP clients who profit 50% of the total profits on trading accounts. It has been also informed that a new investment plan will be started in the nearest future which will be developed by BMFN specialists. This new investment plan will be an alternative source of income for the investors.

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