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Recently we have received a newsletter from the administration of FutureTrails (futuretrails.com). They inform about changes in investment plans and...

Recently we have received a newsletter from the administration of FutureTrails (futuretrails.com). They inform about changes in investment plans and in affiliate program. The program has turned into short-term. All new plans last for 6 days which is a very unexpected change comparing to old plans which lasted for 21-84 days. We decided to publish both old investment plans and the new ones, so that you would understand the change better.
21 business days: 5.47% - 5.95% daily (total profit 115% - 125%)
42 business days: 3.21% - 3.69% daily (total profit 135% - 155%)
63 business days: 2.53% - 3.41% daily (total profit 160% - 215%)
84 business days: 2.38% - 3.09% daily (total profit 200% - 260%)

Those were previous investment plans. And here are the new ones:
Regular Plan: 18.5% daily for 6 Business days (total profit : 111%)
Medium Plan: 20.0% daily for 6 Business days (total profit : 120%)
Strong Plan: 22% daily for 6 Business days (total profit : 132%)

In general, this change seems to be strange. They have not just changed interest but the whole structure. Probably something went wrong with the plans that they offered in the beginning. In addition, their profitability was clearly lower (minimum was less than 1%). Now profit is more than 1% and on average it is almost 2% per day. Also, now return is much quicker - that's what always attracts more investors. So, these changes are clearly a step in marketing strategy and obviously successful, meaning they can work. And here is the explanation of the administration of FutureTrails why the plans have changed:

“...due to the respond of our marketing team to the fluctuation of the market, we would offer new sort of short term plans respectively (18.5-22% daily for 6 working days) All respectable clients regardless of their previous plans are eligible to invest in above mentioned plans. please be noted that previous deposits can not be transfered to new plan and new deposits are required.”

The terms of affiliate program have changed as well. The referral commission for deposits less than $30,000 is 5% and 7% for larger deposits. FutureTrails is not a famous program however, it has been online for a year! Well, we hope that new year of operating will make this program more famous.

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