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I have something with a bit more analysis in store for you today. I hope you all enjoy the information I've collected here and hope it's informative for you. In today's walk I'm taking a close look at a program that has been running for a bit over 90 days on the HYIP-LIST, Acke World Management. It's very important to note that I'm an outside observer when it comes to Acke World Management, so I could be missing out on some news that active members may be receiving. That being said, let's jump straight in and get started.

1.) Acke World: News, Participation and Appearance (NPA)

Now, I'm going to talk mostly about the appearance of Acke World. First off, the site seems very professional; they have a thorough support page with tutorials and a great FAQ. There is a splash page before you enter the site that tries to give a basic overview of the program and the site has a Live Chat feature. I was able to chat briefly with their support team last week, and overall I get a positive impression of the program as a whole.

Once I started digging into the investment plans, I found that there are two major negatives that Acke World is trying to overcome:

First, Acke World has very low earning potential as far as HYIPs go, paying only 0.1% to 0.5% daily. There are investors looking for stable long-term programs to add to their portfolio, so this in itself isnt a huge problem. Programs with low returns can be very successful over time if properly managed and promoted.

Second, Acke World has an unnecessarily complicated earning structure. The biggest complication is that to achieve higher daily rates (0.2% and 0.5% daily) there are monthly fees.


Monthly fees bring in all sorts of complications with a HYIP program as investors need to make sure they are bringing in more than they are paying out. Add Management Fees (fees to withdraw principal deposit early) on top of monthly fees, and things start getting pretty crazy.

Lets say you start a standard account earning 0.1% daily. You invest $100 and get the $100 bonus. You will be earning 0.1% daily on $200 or $0.20 daily. It will take 500 days to break even and make back your $100 deposit.

So whats the alternative if you dont want to wait 500 days? You start a Gold account earning 0.5% daily. You invest $900 and get the $100 bonus. You are earning $5 daily. Taking into account that you'll incur $45 in fees each month, you'll be making around $105 monthly. So, it will take you around 255 days to break even. After that you'll make $105 a month.

Acke World has the potential to be a profitable for investors; however, funds need to be locked up for a long time before any profit is realized. As HYIPs have very high risk, I feel that investors are wary about locking in their funds for such a long time without profit.

There is a news section; unfortunately the last posting was September 8th, 2010. With over a month with no updates on the website, new investors may hesitate to invest in such a low paying program. Lets move on and look at the program's traffic.


2.) Program Traffic
As you can see in the above graphs, Acke World has seen a decrease in activity since September. On the unique visitor graph shown on the right, we see traffic going from 3,624 monthly visitors (approximately 116 visitors per day) to 2,094 in August (approximately 68 visitors per day). There was an increase in traffic in September, but as you can see in the top Alexa graph, traffic has been declining in September and October.

I believe this decline in traffic can be accounted to both the complicated plans and low earning potential of the program I mentioned NPA section, as well as the normal decline experienced by some long-term HYIP programs if there isn't continued promotion.
Traffic RANK: 2/5

3.) Risk Factor
I dont really see Acke World as being very high risk in comparison to most HYIPs. The program is very sustainable with the monthly fees it brings in and with continued support from investors, it could run for an extremely long time. Unfortunately, with the low earning potential and lack of popularity within the industry, I dont think it will reach its full potential without some action. The risk with Acke World lies entirely with the fact that all traffic trends weve seen so far (information taken from two different sources) have shown decline. High yield investment programs generally cannot last without new investors.

So, as a HYIP, Acke World has less risk than most due to its membership fees; however, due to the declining traffic trends there is an elevated risk that the program could close unless it gets an influx of new investors.
Risk Factor: 3/5

Acke World's total walk score is 8/15.

In summary, I believe Acke World is a long-term program with potential, but to realize that potential there will need to be increased activity from the administration. Either a paid advertising campaign or an increase in participation directly from the administration could help the program.

Having support be online more frequently in the live chat could help as well as some news updates. While there may be email updates sent to investors, new potential investors need to know what is going on with the programs they are looking at investing money into. Without an increase in public presence Im not sure how long Acke World will be successful.

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