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Over the past several years, our readers have received our regular HYIPNews Newsletter in various forms and through various channels. At first it was...

Over the past several years, our readers have received our regular HYIPNews Newsletter in various forms and through various channels. At first it was an email newsletter, lately it has been posted on the site. A long time ago it was a collection of articles and lately it has been a digest of news. The last publication of our Newsletter was the 100th and ... the last.

Due to the irrelevance of the format and uselessness of the genre, we decided to stop publishing our Newsletter. Instead every Friday you can read "HYIPNews Weekly Observer" on our site in which we will inform you about the most important (not all) events of the week, as well as major events related to HYIP industry in general and specifically to a project called HYIPNews.com.

The format of mailing titled Newsletter will be implemented in a different way and we hope that this will happen in the nearest future. We will try not to disappoint you :) And now welcome the first release of our Weekly Observer. Your comments, suggestions and comments are welcome.

Review of Blogs and Forums
Following projects have been popular on forum and blogs this week: euroinvestonline.com (plans start at 4% after 26 hours), Inno Club (Inno-club.com), Panda Trade (pandatrade.com), AVFinance (AVFinance.com), Digger Fendy (diggerfendy.biz) and leadingroi.com (which has been named as scam). And following programs have been announced scams: Vivid Trade, Taflex Trust, PremiumGain, ProsperityStructure, NanoFund, MegaEarn, Budgetiva.

Many bloggers covered the activity of the administrator of GrapeVineFunds, as well as the ubiquitous DDoS attacks. The administrator of EzProfit (ez-profit.net) has reported that he had paid out $10k reward to the winners of the monthly referral contest. However, the accusation that this statement is a lie was posted on one of the blogs. Subsequently, there was also an accusation regarding selective payouts.

Major Events of the Week

The beginning of the week was marked by two major events. The first one was technical work of LibertyReserve and the second one was DDoS, which disrupt the functioning of the following projects: EarnPlaza, Vodapex, BMFN. However, it seems like none of the projects has been closed for this reason. To be honest, it looks like it is a stage of ranging weapons now. Soon we will have a much more noticeable confrontation.

HYIPNews.com Project
We are happy to announce that our Export News Module was placed on the site http://hyipinvestigation.com. Thus, our news is broadcast on 11 sites now!


2. A Last Articles module also appeared on our site last week. From now on you will be able to see the latest (and the most interesting) articles from our archives (/hyip-articles/). The next step in this direction is putting the archive in order by removing irrelevant materials and adding more of relevant ones.

3. Besides, earlier this week, we completely removed a section called SPECIFIC HYI PROGRAMS DISCUSSION from our forum. We use our forum for creating forums for programs from our catalog, as well as for discussing news (and the main topics of HYIP industry), therefore this above mentioned section is no longer needed. Sections GET PAID TO and MLM are no longer needed as well. We will place them back when we start writing more about those subjects.

In addition, the forum of our project is not an individual living organism. We have never thought of developing a forum as a separate line and now it has finally become a tool for commenting and collecting news about different programs. However 2 out of 7 sections on it are still devoted to ensuring your safety. They are forums where all closed/dangerous projects are, as well as a section where you can post (and find) warnings.

Be careful and vigilant. Use the tools that can help you not to lose but to multiply your money. Good luck.


N.B. 43 is number of the current week ;)

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