Updated: 10/26/2010 14:11
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As promised by the administration of Vodapex (vodapex.com) in one of the recent newsletters, an office address has been added

As promised by the administration of Vodapex (vodapex.com) in one of the recent newsletters, an office address has been added. In that newsletter the administration promised to open two offices in Canada and Australia respectively. Currently an office in Australia is opened and another one in Canada will be opened soon before January 2011. I would like to remind you that Vodapex already has an office address in Ireland so this is their second office. The new address in Australia is:

“331 Racecourse Road, Kensington VIC 3031 Australia”

Generally these are virtual offices which can be set up easily and some programs' admins add them from time to time but the intentions of the administration are great because they do everything possible to develop and it appears that they want to make Vodapex a big program. As the popularity of Vodapex keeps increasing the administration is thinking of providing customer care services consistent with the growth and due to it we see so many developments taking place at Vodapex: “Our growth cannot be complete without your growth. We hope that Vodapex.Com brings you a consistent growth.”

Vodapex offers quite interesting plans with minimum deposit starting from $5 and ending with $15,000. The term is for 45 days, 60 days, 90 days and 120 days. Daily rate of interest is fixed at 2.8% for all plans but the amount of capital back depends up on the plan you choose to invest in. Vodapex.com keeps on improving every day, the last time we saw the addition of phone support and now the addition of another office address. Let's wait and see what else the administration comes up with.

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