Updated: 10/27/2010 20:09
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The administration of the newly launched sent out a newsletter informing about the launch of ticket system

The administration of the newly launched sent out a newsletter informing about the launch of ticket system. The OSTicket which has been installed on the website is a free ticket system available for websites. But this ticket system certainly helps in managing support requests easily. I tried to open a ticket but sad to say I did not receive any email informing me about the ticket number which is required to check the ticket status. As it is newly installed so I hope these errors will be fixed very soon. Although it is a good and smart option as the administration can use the available funds for additional site upgrades.

I would like to inform you that is launched on 24rth October that is three days ago. It offers 3 plans, the first plan is Starter Plan which gives 0.8% interest daily for 25 days (min $1, max $1,000), the second plan is Standard Plan which gives 1.0% daily for 45 days (min $10, max $10,000) and the third and final plan is Platinum Plan which gives 1.2% daily for 65 days (min $100, max $10,000). Interest is earned only on trading days (business days) and the principle will be returned at the end of the investment plans. accepts Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. The website is hosted on a dedicated server with DDOS protection from DDOSWIZ and SSL encryption. The script is licensed from Goldcoders. Like most of the programs the main business of Grandcentralfx is trading in Forex.

The rate us page on the website has been updated so you can check it's status on various monitors. As it is a very new program it becomes very hard to say anything at this moment. But since the minimum amount to invest is only $1 so I think everyone of you can easily try out this program. We will see how the program develops in the coming days and we will keep you informed as always on the upcoming updates from this program.

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