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The administration of GainInterest (, that program which we have recently published our news about: GainInterest Changes and Weekly...

The administration of Gain-Interest (, that program which we have recently published our news about: GainInterest Changes and Weekly Bonus and which claimed to be a promising one judging from its newsletter has announced its closure. We are sure it is very surprising for both us and program's investors. The reasons of closure are explained in the newsletter. It turns out that the administration of this program was not experienced at all and was hoping that it is very easy to open a HYIP and work for a long time. It is business and every line of business is risky and dangerous in its own way.

In the beginning of the newsletter they thank everyone for being with them and announce that the past week was not a good one:

From the inception of , we have faced many dishonest things in what you refer as "industry". This "industry" is full of craps (from programmers to dishonest monitors,....) and I don't know how and who can fix its problems, I think the investors are the only ones who can distinguish between lousy and real guys.

Well, if this industry is so awful, why would they open their program in it? Hadn't they researched all information on this industry and figured out its rules before launching Those who decide to start some business have to be experts and professionals in it. The administration also says that every time they encountered some problems, they wanted to solve it and to be better despite all difficulties. Sounds like they were real heroes, doesn't it? :) And what about the fact that all programs have many problems on their way and must solve them in order to continue working. There is a lot of money in HYIP industry and programs and all admins want to have as much money as possible. Gain-Interest was not some kind of charitable organization, it was a HYIP with the aim to make money for its administration and that is not as easy as they wanted it to be.

The newsletter continues by informing that several members had reported that the deposit function of the script was not working. Their programmer said what the problem was and that it would take some time to fix it. They had also received some emails from users informing about other problems in the script (for example, about the impossibility to edit the account details). Threatening emails had been also received and many other problems occurred. The administration of has announced the closure of the program because: we cannot change our attitudes and cannot adapt to this so called "industry"

They stress that they do not want to run away. They are honest and therefore all money is announced to be paid out and there are some other claims:

1- ALL the INVESTORS will get back their money in the next 48-72 BUSINESS hours.
2- ALL monitoring services are canceled.
3- NO new member can signup.
4- NO new withdrawal nor pending will be processed.
5- NO email is answered concerning this matter. Except the investors can email us if they didn't get their money back in the proposed time frame.

Well, sounds great, doesn't it? However, the website of the program is gone and all you can see is the announcement about the closure. Of course, theoretically it is possible that a program would pay out even if the website is gone but practically it never happens. Therefore we do not believe that all promises will be kept and we think that these people are scammers.

And here are the last words of the administration: Please be advised that is not a "run away" story as we came to stay but.....I wish we knew the condition of this business before starting it and hope you will be successful in this "industry". Thank you for understanding our situation.

What is this? I wish we knew... Of course they had to know BEFORE opening a HYIP. Let's imagine you want to hire people who would build your house. Would you ever pay your money to those who know nothing about construction? Of course no, if you know about it but let's imagine you didn't know. You paid your money, they built your house and one day it collapsed. And then you hear from those people: We wish we knew how to build a house before starting building it and hope you will be successful hiring other builders. Thank you for understanding our situation. What would you say? I doubt your reply would be: that's okay, I understand... :)

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