Updated: 10/28/2010 10:25
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Recently we have drawn your attention to the fact that some monitors are engaged in ambiguous monitoring of ambiguous projects. For example, GoldPoll

Recently we have drawn your attention to the fact that some monitors are engaged in ambiguous monitoring of ambiguous projects. For example, GoldPoll. This extremely popular monitor has at least two such projects in its TOP10. You can read about them here and here. Today we have found a couple of more examples worthy of your attention and caution.

Let's take a look at http://www.hyiprater.net. The first program in the catalog is http://www.visotrade.com. The website of this program was offline for a long time and actually it is not that same project which is discussed everywhere. No one has heard about it and no one knows anything about it. However, it is HOT! in this catalog. It is located at the top. Just like Husm.biz or Master Bank (masterbank.org) at GoldPoll. Any HYIP monitor, even the worst one has its certain audience. Even if this number is 100 people a month, those people can invest. And no one else but investors will lose money.

You can find lots of examples when a program takes unexpected positions on some monitors and stays at this positions in spite of everything. Apparently, those are projects that are especially close to the administration of these monitors or it is for different reasons very beneficial to keep them in this list on this site. Pay attention, if only this site monitors the work of some HYIP and it stays at the top position for a long time, it does not mean that this program is worthy of your attention. In spite of poor quality and unreliability of monitors, they are quite a reliable indicator altogether. But a HYIP which has only one source of its status or monitor which is the only one that monitors and promotes the program is very suspicious and it is even more suspicious when the program is at top position on such monitor.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the extent of the problem. If you are reading this article, it means that you are an experienced investor or lucky to find our site before you started investing. However, very many investors make their first deposit relying on the search results for “HYIP monitoring” (!) on the Internet or relying on the recommendations. They find a monitoring and do not do any other researches. They hear a recommendation and are not looking for more opinions. They do not even check those programs in which they want to invest. Many newbies do not even know that there is an additional information for example here, at HYIPNews.com because what is more important than the fact that the program pays?

This is a real problem and different kinds of fraud and functioning of above described programs are possible because such problem exists. And this problem is bigger than you can imagine. What is obvious to you is unknown for at least 50% of investors in the HYIP industry, therefore, if you wish to protect your own investments and increase your incomes, help us to spread information and warnings as much as possible. Use your Facebook, Twitter and a blog in order to draw the attention of as many people as possible. By going beyond HYIPNews.com, and informing everywhere we can make a high-yield investment field even more secure and more profitable. And most importantly, we can protect and help those who have just stepped on this thorny path.

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