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Two shortterm HYIPs which we wrote about here: Are BrilliantsInv and LeadingROI Similar or Same have obviously started having problems. They are...

Two short-term HYIPs which we wrote about here: Are BrilliantsInv and LeadingROI Similar or Same have obviously started having problems. They are Brilliants-Investment ( and Golden-car ( We have received a following email from one of our readers:

brilliants-investment and golden-car are two scam? They do not pay me they pay only monitors. My withdrawal request in this programs pending. Do they close?

The instant payouts have been stopped on Saturday by both programs and investors have had pending withdrawals since then. In addition, the administration of Brilliants-Investment sent out a newsletter with a very attractive offer.

It is announced that a new VIP plan has been launched for only 7 days. Its conditions are great, however as we have told you many times and we are sure you know from experience too, such offers are usually made in order to drain as much money as possible before leaving. By the way, if you want to find out more about the ways of stealing money used by administrators of the programs, read this article: Last Ditch Efforts to Drain Money

Well, it was informed that if you made a deposit to VIP plan that day when the newsletter was sent out (which was Saturday) you would receive a 100% bonus in addition to the sum of your deposit, available for instant withdraw. If you made a deposit to VIP plan the next day, you would receive a 50% bonus. If you make a deposit in one of remaining 5 days (meaning this week days) you will receive only 25% bonus according to the conditions. If you make a deposit of $200 and above in any plan, you will receive a 50% bonus from the deposit sum. For example, if you make deposit $300 “ you will get $150 Bonus INSTANTLY to your account balance, available for withdraw.

It is informed that you can also make some money by investing in (which is programs partner-site) using the referral link of Brilliants-Investment. In this case it is promised that you will get a 1000% RCB! As you can see, the offer is really great, however we do not recommend investing in it. It is reported that bonuses will be instant and available to withdraw, however the payouts are obviously not instant anymore. Our status for Brilliants-Investment has been changed in our HYIP-list and we will keep a track of further events.

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