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EarnPlaza is one of the few projects, which pay great attention to communication. There have been 18 releases of their official newsletter, which have been friendly, informative and educational. I'm sure that even in case if the project closes its investors will have something to remember. Now we will discuss what has been written in the last newsletter of this remarkable project.

Earnplaza.com has been quite successfully developing for a long time. According to Matt Powell, they have reached the point of 5,000 registered members after being online for 42 days. It is not surprising that high-quality and fast customer service is required for such a number of investors. Since we ourselves always have difficulties corresponding with the administrator of EarnPlaza, we confirm that this important aspect of the project EarnPlaza has been its problem for a long time.

In the 18th newsletter Matt Powell assured that a new support system will be implemented by Wednesday (November 3, 2010). In addition, two new sections will be added to member area. Live chat support will also be implemented and it will immediately start operating in three languages: English, Hungarian and Russian.

Chiels1983, a client under the number 5,000 has received a 50% bonus and $100 of direct payment. The administrator of EarnPlaza has promised to award investors and when the number of clients has reached the set aim, the promise was fulfilled.

The 18th newsletter was ended with such words: "I would like to remind that there is still going LR Weekly Special. For those members who still didnt participated but want to do this please hurry up, only one day left before I will announce a new special ".

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