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Imagine that you want to buy yourself a good cigarette lighter called Zippo. You go to the online shop, which you found with the help of the search engine and choose a lighter. Some reasonable people look for the goods they want to buy on the Internet trying to find out the price in other places. They check the delivery terms (even though it has been free of charge for a long time, many people still pay attention to it). Then they order it. In the world of high yield investing it is usually done in a different way.

Most people who look for information concerning high-yield investments only know that there is statistics of the program and its status (paying or not paying). Many investors do not realize that the paying status has many nuances and they should not stop searching after looking at it. Many investors do not understand that they should not just choose the best project among all others but also decide whether to invest in this project or not. That is, first you choose which one is the best and then decide whether to invest in it or not. Because if the project is the best it does not mean that it is decent. Unfortunately, many people do not know about it.

However, there might be a reverse situation. A potential investor decides to invest the money and ends up on some blog with the help of search engine. He reads posts on that blog and has no idea that there is such thing as a PAYING status and there are sites that control this status. And he most likely does not know that there are sites that cash in on that misleading. This is not choosing Zippo, when almost everyone knows the procedure and those steps which have to be taken while shopping online. High-yield investing just seems simple, however it is not true.

Look at this HYIP blog: It helps you familiarize yourself with the world of very profitable investing. 12,000% after 24 hours. For you it may sound funny, but believe me, even 120% after 1 week sounds ridiculous for people of sound mind. Each post in this blog is an advertising. Every advertisement of a project is better than another one. And what do you think about this post "I Received $ 2.5Millions Liberty Reserve Money" ( Its quite a fascinating reading. They even have partners (the blog is no longer available):

The list of programs that promote this blog consists of about 20 projects. The list is not as big as the creators of these criminal networks would like it to be because not so many investors get caught in their nets. The most important thing is that it is very easy to fight them, therefore I wrote earlier this week: if you want to secure your own investments and increase your incomes, help us spread such information and warnings as much as possible. Use your Facebook, Twitter or a blog in order to attract the attention of as many people as possible. By going beyond the audience of, we can make a high-yield investment industry even more secure and more profitable. And most importantly, we will be able to protect and to help those who have just become a citizen of the HYIP world.

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