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Today we offer you the first review of blogs, We looked through all known blogs and collected the most significant information

Today we offer you the first regular review of blogs prepared by HYIPNews.com. Yesterday we looked through all known blogs and collected the most significant information. We wanted to identify tendency and to determine what they write about. Now you will have even more information and better understanding of what is happening in the market.

Today's survey tells about the period starting on last Saturday and ending on Monday. First of all, lets name the programs, which appeared on blogs. As you know, most programs begin their public life with a review or an interview, therefore the central figures of those reviews and interviews are opening our survey today. Which programs are being remarked by bloggers these days? They are SolarisTrade (solaristrade.com), GWDConline (gwdconline.com), FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net), Flamanta (flamanta.com), LionsSociety (lionssociety.com) and GroupUniversal (groupuniversal.biz). SolarisTrade, offering a 15% pure profit after 1 day and 60% after 3 days has already managed to encounter first problems. Six days after positive reviews of this project were published it got a WARNING status. It is really great that bloggers can actually learn from their mistakes and can react quickly.

And now lets talk about some negative issues about closures. StablEarn (stablearn.com) and Brilliants-Investment (brilliants-investment.com) have been shut down. They both started delaying payments and monitors started moving them to black lists. We have also published a warning about Brilliants-Investment. The fact that they required a change of LR, is of course unacceptable. We have already written that there is such way of cheating when your LR asked to be changed. Today those fears were confirmed. Brilliants-Investment has died and gets a Not Paying status at HYIPNews.com.

UniteTrade (unitetrade.com) is closed, however on Saturday, right before its closure some bloggers were still paying too much attention to UniteTrade, about the dangers of which we warned you two weeks ago. In particular, Paul Abramson, the author of MNO (MoneyNews) called UniteTrade: the undisputed leader of short-term programs. He called everyone who was spreading rumors about UniteTrade enviers. I think this was a fair accusation because there were people for whom the success of UniteTrade was not profitable. However, there were also those for whom its success was too profitable. Now, of course, everyone writes about the opposite. They summarize and draw the lessons. They discourse upon why it happened, what exactly happened and who is to blame.

FlaxAds (flaxads.com) has finally got a new design. The previous, quite boring design was probably just a temporary template. I've asked Lea Gao to explain the basic concept of FlaxAds for a long time and I give her another opportunity to talk about FlaxAds in the comments to this news :) Maybe someone of our readers will get interested in FlaxAds.

By the way, they plan to renew the design of another project, which is LionsSociety. Let me remind you that this is HYIP which helps you earn about 3% per week. They use this money to invest and to develop their network (probably). In general, it is investing in their business. If you like it and believe in it, you should consider cooperating with them. 3% per week, is of course, not a lot. However, this income is quite stable.

Now let's see what Tony, one of our authors has recently written in his hyipblogger.com about. Earlier this week, he was one of those who reported about the closure of UniteTrade. He also informed that EthanolB (ethanolb.com) was not paying. I was surprised by this news, because just recently the admin of this HYIP has started a new game. By the way, Tony tries to improve all the time as well. His site will be redesigned in the near future. This means that we will have another full-fledged participant in the market and we will finally see the concept of the project called HYIPBlogger.

Gautam Thapar, the author of hyipinvestigation.com has published a review of Famega Investment Corporation (famega.biz) which is very informative. Anyway, it is really useful for those who have forgotten what Famega is and why it might be interesting.

We hope to release the next publication of Blogs Survey later this week.

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