Updated: 11/03/2010 15:33
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Good news has been announced by the administration of InvestPlatforms ( We have already written about different improvements implemented by this program here and here. This time AlertPay payment processor has been added and the advantages of using it have been posted in news section on the official website. They are: direct bank transfer to AP account; VISA, American Express and Masters; top notch security payment processor; VeriSign secured payment processor; anti-fraud system.

AlertPay is one of the most popular payment processors these days therefore it is really great that the administration of InvestPlatforms has made a decision to add it. This improvement will most likely attract more investors and therefore will make this program more popular. However, even now is quite famous. It is monitored by many HYIP monitors and is discussed on HYIP forums.

We want to remind you about a bonus offer. As you already know, you can make a deposit in one of offered investment plans. The first one is called Gold Investment with 1.2%-1.5% interest rate daily (minimum deposit is $10 and maximum deposit is $4,999) and the second Plan is called Platinum Investment bringing 1.6%-2.0% daily (the minimum deposit is $5,000). If you invest in the second plan, you can get a $500 deposit bonus, however the offer is limited and the bonus will be given only to first 50 Platinum accounts. Therefore if you want to get it, you should contact the administration first and clarify whether it is still available.

Another two-month promotion has just ended. All Gold account holders who opened their accounts in September and October have received a 10% cash-back bonus and therefore have benefited from this special offer. And the last good news from the administration: two more investment plans have been introduced! You can find the information about these two plans in a pdf. format brochure on the main page.

InvestPlatforms is monitored by and has a PAYING status: Our short review of this program is available for you to read and can be found here.

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