Updated: 11/03/2010 11:11
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Today we have received a report on a HYIP called UnitForce (unitforce.com) from one of our regular readers: “I see no mention of this program...

Today we have received a report on a HYIP called Unit-Force (unit-force.com) from one of our regular readers:

“I see no mention of this program though I feel people might have invested in it. Program Name : Unit-Force It's a short term HYIP. I believe they are paying selectively. I got paid for the full term weird (may be cause I had paid with Alertpay), however there are reports all over about them being a scam and not paying.”

Unit-Force is a short-term program which was launched on October 18. Its problems started on October 27. As you can see, it operated only for 9 days! It is not a first example of short-term HYIPs scamming so fast and therefore it is physically impossible to keep a track of all of them. We thank our readers for such information and we feel that it is necessary to inform about this program because it is still online and therefore is still dangerous.

The best case scenario is when HYIP disappears after it stops paying. However, it happens very rarely and some investors who are not informed enough and who don’t bother searching for information keep investing in programs which do not pay. For example, it is very easy for the administration of Unit-Force to mislead investors and to keep stealing their money because the official website is online, the statistics on the front page keeps being updated, there is no “rating” page and therefore inexperienced investors can be easily fooled.

All HYIP monitors show a NOT PAYING status now, therefore do not invest in Unit-Force and be careful. Do not forget that information is very important for everyone who wants to succeed in HYIP world and I’m sure you are one of them!

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