Updated: 11/04/2010 14:07
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The so called informational snowball is a very important term in HYIP industry. Im sure you know how the snowball is formed. You throw a little ball and then three miles away from you, a huge ball is rolling. Thats how avalanche also happen. And in both cases the size of the ball and the possibility of collapsing depend on the characteristics of snow. No matter how hard you try to throw snowballs formed of dry snow, you wont be able to make a huge ball. So please, do not say that a snowball around Funds-O-Matic has been formed affectedly.

At first, there was John Doe, whose money was stolen while working with Funds-O-Matic, then another investor, who accused Randy in one thing, while Randy accused him in another one. And now there are problems with the database.

One of our readers, said:

trying to log in to geting this Page at the moment: Database Error: Please make sure you have create the database, add user to that db and config your inc/settings.php file correctly Check for : 1 DB name 2 DB user 3 DB pass If you can not solve this problem by your self please contact neversay at

It seems like some unplanned changes have been made in the script of Funds-O-Matic (neversay). Therefore Randy decided to send out an official update titled "database error on log in" as quickly as possible. Here's the text:

"I know it is frustrating and it is for me as well. I am being told that the reason this is happening is due to sessions, there are only so many that can be open at one time and the attacks are coming as database attacks.
I know that you guys must be getting tired to hear things such as this however I am doing all i can. It is very sad that some people need to behave this way. I will continue to send updates as i can."

As you can see, there are more and more problems each day. Seems like there might be an avalanche soon.


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