Updated: 11/05/2010 10:12
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Let's open, and Let’s start with the latter. In the upper right corner there is a “Live Support” picture and a representative of the company, judging from the picture is there at the moment. But do not believe this picture. If you click on it, nothing will happen. not only lies about what is written on this picture, meaning not just talking about what does not exist. It also promises to give something that it can not give - 4260% after 10 hours. Can you imagine what would happen after a week of their work? This is a scam and I do not have the slightest doubt about it. A fake “Live Support” picture is just another proof of the fact that the administration of this project is not worthy of your attention.

Now let's look at Here, if you click on the picture that says "chat online", you will end up in the feedback form. Yes, in a standard form. We have sent a message and haven’t received a response. I do not know about your attitude to this but we do not believe that this is "chat online". This program is off-grade. does the same thing as the above mentioned guys. They use the same cheap way for increasing their popularity. All they had to do is place a picture and here you go – now they look like a serious project with Live Support service. I think those who do that are not the best programs for you to invest.

By the way, we found out about thanks to one of our agents here (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant). Such information costs $1 now. Become Agent


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