Updated: 11/08/2010 10:11
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You might have noticed, that FinancesAdvisor ( has had an “Onhold” status in our catalog

You might have noticed, that FinancesAdvisor ( has had an “Onhold” status in our catalog (hyip list) for a couple of days. And today we have received a question form one of our readers regarding this program:

“the website of is not available for a few days now.Do you guys know what happend?does it turned to scam?”

Therefore we want to explain the status and answer the question. Programs the situation of which is unclear get the “Onhold” status. The website of FinanceAdvisor is unavailable at the moment and it is very surprising because everything seems to be going well and we have just recently written about good news from this HYIP and about its development.

There is still a chance that will comeback but unfortunately it seems like it won't happen. The program had been online for three and a half months and has brought profit to investors who joined program early. Therefore there are those who lost and those who won as it always happen. However, there are much more of investors who are not in profit and that's not good.

I want to remind that FinancesAdvisor offered 6 investment plans with a profit from 1.2%- to 3.5% daily. All plans lasted for 90 days and principal had to be returned in all of them. This HYIP had operated for 110 days before the site became unavailable, so as you can see, only those who joined in the beginning got their principal back.

The only positive thing is that the administration does not keep taking deposits and simply disappeared, therefore it is impossible to invest now. We tried to contact the administration of this program but unfortunately they haven't responded yet. We will update this news if returns or its administration explains the situation.

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