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Recently the team which is helping our site with online public relations and SEO (search engine optimization) has noticed an interesting and very...

Recently the team which is helping our site with online public relations and SEO (search engine optimization) has noticed an interesting and very promising change on the market of HYIP search trends.

A while ago they have been doing one of their routine online buzz analysis for the market with the help of the Googles official tool called Google Insights. This tool is great for checking the search trends on the market, for finding new rising trends, for predicting the possible problems-to-come and other information that is a must for everyone who is engaged into building public opinion online.

Below we will show you a screenshot from Google Insights tool and after the screenshot will provide an explanation to the processes which are very important to everyone on the HYIP market.

You can see an obvious decline in the searches that took place from March 2010 to the beginning of August 2010. Most likely this decline can be explained by several big projects that have abandoned the market of HYIPs this spring. Definitely the situation when market majors are leaving the market is not boosting up the whole industry of high yield investment programs.

However, you can see that somewhere in the beginning of August 2010 the demand for HYIP searches started to rise again.

Yes, this is a gradual process and it will take some time before the whole market gets back from the psychological shock and restores its previous positions in search demand for HYIP.

Still, at the moment, the rising trend since the beginning of August 2010 is very stable and obvious. You can see it yourself on the screenshot above. Currently the market is back to the size that it had in the beginning of May 2010.

If this trend continues, then we will have all rights to say that the HYIP market is getting back in full force which is a great news for all the participants of this market. P.S. Our online public relations and SEO assistants will keep tracking the market and well be glad to share any news about interesting trends and changes on this market.

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