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The administration of Owenfunds (owenfunds.com) sent out a newsletter informing that the website has been moved to a dedicated server. The website is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection and SSL encryption provided by Nvhserver.

"Owen Funds is now running on a very powerful upgraded server."

I think the administration made a good move as dedicated server is very useful for both the administration and the investors. Dedicated server adds stability to the website and so the administration gets a good control over it. With dedicated server the administration gets a dedicated support staff from the hosting providers so any problem can be sorted out quickly. Dedicated server along with DDoS protection certainly protects the website from hacker attacks. Nowadays there are lot of hackers around and recently we have seen many admins reporting about threatening emails they received so I believe such security measures are a must at the present time. In short few advantages of dedicated servers are good performance, greater reliability, security, custom configuration, firewall, own IP address, etc. All these measures indirectly provide safety to investor money.

The administration also informed that the incorporation certificate is available on the website. Does it make any difference? I dont think as it cannot guarantee your investment but yes it is always better to have than not having the certificate.

Owenfunds offers two plans and both of them are divided into two parts. The first plan pays 1.2% interest rate for deposits ranging from $1 to $1,000 and 1.5% interest rate for deposits ranging from $1,001 to $20,000. The term for this plan is 90 calendar days and interest will be credited daily that is on weekends also. Interest payments include your principle and if after investing you don't feel like continuing your investment with Owenfunds then you are free to withdraw your principle after 15 days. The second plan pays 1.8% interest rate for deposits ranging from $100 to $1,000 and 2.0% interest rate for deposits ranging from $1,001 to $100,000. You are free to withdraw your principle after 30 days and the term for this plan is 180 calendar days. There is a 1% fee for early withdrawal of principle in both plans that is if you withdraw your principle after the lock in period.

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