Updated: 11/08/2010 18:09
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We have warned you about PerfectInvestmentFunds ( a couple of times already ( here and here ) and we hoped that this...

We have warned you about PerfectInvestmentFunds ( a couple of times already (here and here) and we hoped that this program would finally be gone forever but the administration of this program keeps sending its newsletters with special offers. It is fairly annoying but the only thing we are worried about is that some people will actually invest.

Those who are not experienced enough might swallow this bite because the offer looks really great. The administration of PerfectInvestmentFunds keeps extending and extending the special offer, the website is still online and therefore this program is extremely dangerous for unexperienced online investors. The thing is that they don't just offer a bonus but they offer to double your amount if you invest the largest amount! Meaning they will pay YOU :) Of course, it sound great, doesn't it? Here is the offer:

“5 biggest investors will get investment plan and the all invested money back to payment account. 1st place will get 200 % of invested amount, 2nd place will get 150 % of invested amount, 3rd place will get 100 % of invested amount, and 4th place will get 50 % of invested amount and 5th place will get 25 % of invested amount. All investors will be posted here down in the list.
Example, 1st place 250 USD investment amount today. You will get 250 USD investment plan, and after the competition your invested 250x200%=500 USD will be withdrawn for example to your Liberty Reserve account.”

Such newsletter are sent out almost every day. And now it seems like the administration of has decided to use a different way of attracting investors. They started sending out emails using some other names (for example we received from “aivarsvainins” :) ) with a hope that people still trust the advices of other people, especially that the advice in this email is not less attractive:

“Hello. Please signup to this adress – perfectinvestmentfunds.comXXXX (we changed it - Alice) It is really grate investment funds. Signup by this link, and all invested money you will get back, example, you invest 10 USD, you will get 10 USD investment plan and i will pay you back 10 USD to your AP / LR account. If you invest 100 USD, you will get 100 USD investment plan and i will pay you back 100 USD to your account.”

We hope that you read two other warnings and we warn again: Do not invest in!!!

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