Updated: 11/09/2010 12:19
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Im sure a new HYIP PiratesInvest (piratesinvest.com) has attracted a lot of investors attention even though its been just recently launched. This...

Im sure a new HYIP Pirates-Invest (pirates-invest.com) has attracted a lot of investors attention even though its been just recently launched. This program does not look like a serious investment project and I believe many of you have not invested in it. You just smiled when you opened their official website and closed it. However, those who think that HYIPs are games might have made a deposit in Pirates-Invest hoping for their share of treasure but unfortunately for them this HYIP has already faced a lot of problems even though it was launched four days ago!

On November 5, 2010 the administration of this program announced its opening. Two days later, on November 7 the site went offline for half a day and all you could see when you tried to enter it was a phrase written by someone whose English is fairly far from an average level : We the present pirates. We will back online within 2 hours! DO NOT WORRY, WE ONLINE FOR LONG TIME!. However those two hours lasted much longer than they should have and the website returned without SSL. The administration of Pirates-Invest didnt explain the reasons of this problem and kept working just like nothing happened.

However, the investors started reporting about payments not being paid out. Then we were informed that payments were processed and today we again found out about pending withdrawals. Payouts are not instant anymore and all these problems happen after being online for 4 days! Even if the payments are made, Pirates-Invest cant be considered safe at all! HYIPs with problems are not reliable and this program does not deserve your attention. If you really want to invest and you find Pirates-Invest interesting, then at least wait for current pending payments to be paid out.

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